January 1, 2021

Singapore Government's Grants For Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship

What are SME grants? An SME is an independent private firm with less than fifty employees. SMEs are those companies having production and distribution wings. The grants offered by the government are designed to support SMEs to diversify their core competences and improve output and employment in the manufacturing sector. There are various types of grant schemes available, and most of them are designed to help SME firms that have unique qualities.

A key feature of the SME grants is that they are designed to support the growth of SME firms in Singapore and nurture them before they finally become successful companies with who is covered for SGUnited Traineeships the country. For this reason, the schemes are known as Singapore 2021 or Third World Strategies. This approach was first implemented by the former government to promote and support small and medium sized businesses in Singapore.

The first grant scheme launched under the Singapore government's Third World Strategies was the Singapore Advanced Research Grants (SA FG). This scheme provided financial aid to smaller and new businesses in order to help them in their development processes. Among the different types of grants offered by the government, the one that was very useful for the SME sector was the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Grants. The SEZ grants are also known as Special Economic Zone Grants. All the businesses that fall under the above-described category are eligible for the funding.

Another important concept of the Singapore government's SME grants is the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). The ECD offers financial assistance and other support measures available for SME firms. Most of the ECD programs support research and technology entrepreneurship. Some of the most popular grants under the ECD program are the Participating Business Research (PB Reconstruction Program), the Corporate Research Grants, and the Business Technology and Entrepreneurship (BTFE) Programs.

In order to facilitate the growth of the economy, the government has also come up with a series of programs to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing Singapore as a forward-looking nation. Among the various SME grants schemes supported by the government are the Singapore Advanced Business Grants (SBBG), Singapore Minority Business Grants, and Singapore Institute Grants. Among these are the Minority Enterprise Growth Grant (MEG), Singapore Entrepreneurial Zone (SEZ), Singapore Women Entrepreneurship Grants (WEG), and the Entrepreneurship and Development Training Scheme (EDT). As per the government's plans and objectives, these projects will encourage both long-term investment and consumption, thereby, strengthening the economy in the long run.

The programmes of the Government of Singapore to provide a wide range of support for small-sized businesses, especially during the early stages of its development. The grants provided by the Government of Singapore, in the form of the Singapore Assistance schemes and the Singapore Economic Co-operative Research Program (MEDRE), are designed to mitigate the adverse effects of the economic slowdown on the country. One can avail of the grant schemes offered by the Government of Singapore either for setting up new businesses or for sustaining an existing business through grants.

Among the various grants schemes, the most popular is the Global Ready Talent Program (GERP), which is funded through the European Union. The grant money helps entrepreneurs and companies to develop a number of high-tech industries, which in turn provides a huge boost to the economy. The programme not only provides funding to SMEs in developing countries, but also to ensure that the skills of their workers are brought into the mainstream of the economy. For this, the Government of Singapore encourages entrepreneurs to participate in the programme by conducting training seminars for the firms, which are taking part in the Global Ready Talent Program. As per the programme, all the firms in Singapore are required to register with the SEZ, and they also need to display their intention of participating in the programme.

Apart from the funds that the Government of Singapore gives to SMEs, they also provide grants for initiating venture capital funds for business development. This is one of the best options for budding entrepreneurs who are yet to start a business, but have promising futures. However, it can be a difficult decision for first time investors, as there are many options available for investors seeking high yield investments. All types of capital, such as private, venture capital, joint ventures, and other sources of funds can be sourced for business development through grants available from the Government of Singapore.