June 9, 2020

Places In The US To Visit This Summer


Summer. There’s probably no other word so synonymous with vacation! And while you’re considering your ideal vacation destination this summer, you should definitely consider visiting some intriguing, safe and affordable tourist spots in the United States. No doubt, the country has so many beautiful tourist-friendly spots to explore and the experience will definitely leave you nostalgic. However, it’s always more fun visiting subtler and lesser-known sites which can be the highlight of a great summer trip.

Just as there are many popular tourist destinations located across several of the best places to live in America, there are also an abundance of hidden gems all across the beautiful country for you to explore. In this post, we’ve made a concise list of the best not-so-popular places to visit.

Bishop Castle, Colorado

Located in south central Colorado, which ranks well amidst the best places to live in America, Bishop Castle was constructed by Jim Bishop over an acquired two-and-a-half acre of land in 1959. This architectural masterpiece has many side attractions that leave you spellbound. Today, tourists can climb to the top of the 60-year-old castle for free and even marvel at the beautiful stained glass windows.

Glacier Gardens, Alaska

This artificial upside-down garden is located in Juneau Alaska. The 50-acre forest of about a hundred “Flower Towers” was started as an accident around 1985 by a landscaper named Steve Bowhay, a landscaper, who collected felled trees, flipped them and converted them to natural flower pots for begonias, petunias and fuchsias. Tourists are allowed in the garden from May until September.

Forestiere Underground Gardens, California

This historic site was a brainchild of a Sicilian immigrant named Baldassare Forestiere who used hand tools in the early 1900s in a bid to transform a “useless farmland into a vast network of rooms, tunnels, and courtyards”. Today, the subterranean gardens have 65 rooms and many plants and trees. Tourists can take tours around the underground tunnels, and view the underground grapevines, citrus, berries and several exotic fruit trees that were planted by Forestiere himself.

Gibbs Gardens, Georgia

The state of Georgia is definitely one of the best places to live in America, and Gibbs Garden is one of the unpopular tourist destinations it has. Located just about an hour-drive from Atlanta, Georgia’s capital, this 220-acre garden is a colorful experience open to visitors around the year. The gardens have a wide array of plants, flowers, and streams that leave you awestruck and in love with nature. According to the Gibbs Garden’s official website, the tourist site has 16 gardens, 24 ponds, 32 bridge crossings, and 19 waterfalls. It also has a 25-year-old manor house, where visitors can learn about architecture.

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The World’s Largest Mailbox, Illinois

Statistics show that Casey, Illinois, competes well amongst the best places to live in America, but that’s not all; the community is also widely known for having several record-breaking landmarks. Among them are the world’s largest rocking chair, the world’s largest wooden shoes and the world’s largest mailbox. The 5,700-cubic-feet monument has been certified as the world’s largest by Guinness World’s Records, and visitors to the roadside attraction can actually walk up into the mailbox to take a photo, or even mail a letter there!