January 10, 2021

What if the toxic person is me?

It would seem that people who are dear to us will never harm. However, they often abuse permissiveness, which we do not allow with random people. In addition, close ties are more difficult to break. Sometimes this is completely impossible if you are dependent on toxic people financially or emotionally. Remember that you are not someone's property. Being a daughter or relative does not give anyone the privilege to treat you disrespectfully.  Analyze the behavior.Has a person always behaved this way? If so, what motivated you to keep communicating? If this behavior happened recently, what could be the reason Toxic Person Test? Sometimes tragedies,  long-term stress or depression change the communication habits and communication styles of people we previously like. Don't blame.Blaming someone is the last thing. You will only waste your time and energy. Don't go toxic, don't exaggerate, or make drama. Leave the thought of remaking him, he is not a doll or a designer. Set boundaries.A bitter but necessary medicine. Are you offended by your parents' condescending compliments about how you learn? Say it directly, and do not store a grudge in yourself. Do not argue.A toxic person cannot be convinced with words, because, in his opinion, he is always right. If the subject of the dispute is not something fatally.

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