How to trade with me?

Are you already in my team?

So you already get link to join my Telegram channel.

Every day, form Monday to Friday in 6 PM and 8 PM, I trade and invite you to trade with me.

I give signals in my telegram channel, and you need to repeat it and get profit. Just like that.

Now for the details.

Look. It's easy.

To start trade you should press "Trading" button

In platform, you need to select a currency pair.

This is done in the upper-left corner. There is a small white arrow there. Click on it.


We are only interested in the TURBO mode (1-5 minutes).

This is where we will have to choose our currency pair.

For example, we received a signal like:

AUD / NZD up to 31

Select this currency pair (IN TURBO MODE!) Click on 87% in the column 1-5 minutes

On the right, we set the specified time.

Remember our signal?

AUD / NZD up to 31

In the signals I ONLY send minutes so that there is no confusion

If the signal was written to 32, then it was necessary to select the 
number 32.

Now set the transaction amount:

Do not bet more than 5% of the deposit!

And press up or down depending on the signal

So how is it's look like?

What should I do if there is a minus?

First rule:

We place a bet on the amount of no more than 5% of the deposit.

Of course, you can decide otherwise and stick 100% at once. But to me then chur without questions.

Second rule:

Yes, I could be wrong. Alas, this happens. But it doesn't happen that often so I have a "cure for mistakes". What should I do if suddenly there was a minus?

The situation:

We put $10 on growth, but there was a drop. In fact, we lost $10.

Waiting for the next signal

We put not $10 but $20. This bet, if you win, will allow us to cover the minus and get a small, but a plus on two deals.

And so we double the bet until the moment when we do not get the result we need.