December 11, 2020

The lottery industry needs to change to avoid wasting trillions

According to the Quang Nam Lottery Council's own financial reporting data for 2013, reports of budget spending on lottery destruction are at a dizzying level.

Mr. Do Truong Son, Chief Accountant of Quang Nam Lottery Company, said that with 48 issues, 2 million tickets each, the total number of tickets issued in the year of Quang Nam Lottery Company is 96 million tickets. In 2012, the number of tickets sold by this company was only 26%, which means the number of tickets forcibly canceled was more than 71 million tickets.

Lottery wasted trillions
Ineffective performance in ticket sales has wasted trillions of dong

Only the cancellation money, more than 2.2 billion wasted. But wanting to cancel a ticket also costs a lot. “Every time we cancel a ticket, we have to set up a cancellation supervision board. Quang Nam province has 20 ticket cancellation points in 13 central provinces - Central Highlands, the cost for 3 supervisors / 1 cancellation point in a year is equivalent to 220 million VND "- Mr. Son said.

An officer of Ninh Thuan Lottery One Member Limited Company revealed that after converting to a market model in 2005, the highest annual sales volume was only 30%, the number of tickets to be destroyed was 70%. It is worth mentioning that from the beginning of 2013 up to now, the number of copies "dropped" to only 23% / time, the number of tickets forcibly destroyed up to 77%.

With printing cost for 2 million tickets / issue is 80 million VND. Thus, every week, Ninh Thuan has to destroy nearly 60 million dong. If counted for the whole year, billions of dong were destroyed from the ticket.

According to the regulation 15 minutes before the draw, agents have to cut off the ticket corner and send it to the lottery companies' warehouses. Affiliates less often sit and cut corners, while most other agents arrange them in piles and hire people to use chopping knives like chopping vegetables and pigs.

This image is not uncommon in Tang Bat Ho lottery street (Hai Ba Trung district - the place of drawing lottery prize in the capital capital), Van Mieu street near Quoc Tu Giam (Hanoi), strong and healthy young people sit together. corner. There are even agents who even bring a cash register to count the number of tickets before "executed".

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General Secretary of the Association of Financial Investors Nguyen Hoang Hai said he felt pained when the lottery tickets were so dull. Because it is not simply ink money, printing, issuing, but also recovery, sealing and destruction. According to Mr. Hai, at a low level, each printed ticket costs 100 VND, 10 million tickets per day are up to 1 billion VND, 1 year it costs 365 billion VND. Certainly, the number does not stop at that level because with 64 provinces and cities nationwide, the number of tickets will reach tens of millions.

That would have lost billions of dong each year because of poor tickets. Cancellation of billions from un-consumed lottery tickets is a painful situation in all provinces and cities across the country today.

Up to the current 2020, although the rate of ticket consumption has increased, the number of tickets sold not sold out each day is still at the hundreds of thousands, which wastes an alarming source of budget.

The movement is too cumbersome
According to the current model, lottery companies have to set up agent systems in the provinces and cities that issue tickets, so employees and staff of the company often travel away from home, forced to support travel expenses. moved on. This amount in Quang Nam Lottery Company annually is up to nearly 200 million VND, then the rental fee for 8 offices located in the provinces is about 700 million VND / year, and then salary costs, hiring additional people to arrange ticket issuance. Because up to 40 officers, employees of the company must permanently reside ...

“It is also a lottery ticket, but province A sets up the office of province B to sell tickets, in contrast, province B too. In addition to the observed wastefulness, the traffic volume must also increase 14 times in 14 provinces and cities in the Central and Central Highlands due to: transportation of tickets, traveling staff ... That's why, I strongly support support the establishment of a corporation issuing lottery tickets nationwide ”, Mr. Son added.

In Ninh Thuan, since moving to a market model, the operation of Ninh Thuan Lottery Company has incurred many other costs, such as renting a representative office, increasing personnel, printing costs, travel expenses ... Each year, this company has to spend more than 1 billion VND for the operation of six representative offices in Thua Thien-Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa and Dak Lak.

In addition to the large expenses for the bulky apparatus, lottery companies are also allowed to pay many other expenses that, if looking at, ensure everyone ... stunned. For example, in addition to the agent commission, they are also allowed to pay the prize draw; expenses for the supervision of the Lottery Supervision Council (including expenses for halls of the hall, expenses for part-time allowances of members of the Lottery Supervision Council, who perform the task of monitoring the prize drawing, supervision of collection ticket cancellation, cancellation and other expenses serving the prize drawing number drawing); and then pay part-time allowances to members of the Lottery Supervision Council; spend against numbers to take advantage of lottery to operate, spend against numbers to combat problems ...

That is not including the expenses for setting up the prize payment reserve fund, the cost of ticket printing, the cost of transport, loading and unloading, preservation, additional fees, information on the prize drawing result, and the expense for printing the leaflets of the prize drawing result. serving customers and agents, paying for activities of the Council of Construction Works.