December 30, 2020

Foreign netizens scrambled to find pictures of their deceased loved ones alive through Google Maps

Google Maps is a very effective navigation tool, only the way to find memories again for those who have not yet said the last word to their deceased loved ones.

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When we lose loved ones, most of us tend to look back to old photos, revisit beautiful memories of them. Especially for those who, for many different reasons such as being too far away, were unable to meet their loved ones the last time, these pictures become even more important.

With the rapid development of technology today, especially Google Maps, we can easily see loved ones' last moments, no matter how far away they are from us. That's what foreign netizens are doing: Using Google Maps Street View to find pictures of their deceased loved ones while they are alive.

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Street view is helping a lot of people to find the dead loved one in life.

If you did not know, Google Street View is a feature launched in 2007, integrated in Google Maps and Google Earth. Its mission is to provide paranoma images of many different roads and streets around the world by driving cars with cameras on their heads around 24/7.

Coming back to the main issue, Twitter user yajaira (real name Leslie Barraza) recently shared with CNN how she found the final image of her deceased grandfather via Street View. On Tuesday (January 7), she and her sister groped for this technology, visiting her grandparents' farm in Durango, Mexico. After just a few touches, they reached the end of the road, and found their beloved grandfather sitting there relaxing and relaxing.

Leslie shared on Twitter personally: My grandfather passed away a few years ago. We didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him one last time. Yesterday, we discovered that a Google Maps vehicle had passed through his farm. Out of curiosity, we followed it, and suddenly found our grandfather sitting there at the end of the road.

On her personal Twitter, she said that her grandfather had passed away a few years ago, but she always felt troubled by not meeting him one last time. And Google Street View has helped her fulfill this wish.

Leslie's video of only 13 seconds suddenly created a new phenomenon on Twitter, inspiring many people to share pictures of their deceased relatives thanks to this technology. Leslie herself is also very happy that she has launched such a positive and meaningful trend. After learning of Leslie's story, Google sent her an official thank you letter for using their technology.

Ben Jose, a Google representative, shared with CNN: “It is heartwarming that our Google Maps and Street View services have helped many people remember, find and share their lost loved ones. the most special way ”.

And here are some other similar stories about the miracle that Street View brings.

Iván Rodriguez shared with CNN that her adoptive grandfather, Jose Guzman, immigrated to the United States in 1980 and has been living with the Iván family in Los Angeles since 2012. He says he is a hard-working, gentle and extreme person. love to enjoy nature with their dog: "They (Mr. Jose and the dog) can sit and relax outside for hours." He just passed away in June 2019 of a lung obstructive disease.

Street View is helping a lot of people to retrieve fragments of memories about their deceased loved ones.

About a month ago, Iván's father asked him to search for pictures of their house on Google Maps. And this is also the moment when he stumbles upon the moment his deceased grandfather was playing on the lawn in his front yard. "This really makes sense for my family," he said. It is very difficult for you to feel the feelings of me as well as those of those who have had this lucky experience. It was a really great moment. ”

Similar to the story above, Emily Smith's grandmother Sandra Dennis also died of congestion in 2014. Earlier in 2010, Emily remembers she had the opportunity to walk the streets with her grandmother in England and encountered a Google's Street View car. She even greeted it with her hand, so it was an unforgettable memory.

Foreign netizens scrambled to find pictures of dead loved ones while they were alive thanks to Google Maps - Photo 4.
The picture of Emily walking with her grandmother in London was captured by Street View cars 10 years ago.