January 4, 2021

Some notes to know when buying a washing machine online

You are too busy with work, especially the New Year when there are so many jobs from work to home, you cannot go to the supermarket to directly buy a washing machine to meet your laundry needs. for the coming Tet days. You are wondering how to choose an online washing machine to buy? Let's learn some important notes when buying a washing machine online with Cholon Electronics!

Answer the question: "What price range do you want to buy a washing machine?"
The first and foremost note is to consider your financial ability to buy a suitable washing machine. On the market there are quite a few types of washing machines with a variety of different prices. Therefore, before choosing to buy a washing machine you must determine your financial ability and how much price range you want to buy a washing machine.

Consider your financial ability to buy a suitable washing machine

The current vertical washing machine has a softer price, saves space than the horizontal drum washing machine. But, horizontal cage washing machines have many outstanding features in clean washing, saving water and this type of washing machine also costs 2 to 3 times higher than vertical washing machines.

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Determine your family's laundry needs to choose the right washing machine
Note 2, is that you have to reconfirm your family's laundry needs to choose the right washing machine. Your family has children, more members, the need for laundry will be higher. Calculate the amount of clothes in the family, thereby giving it the washing weight or washing machine capacity so that it is suitable.

Determine your family's laundry needs to choose the right washing machine

If your family has from 3 to 5 members, you should choose the 7-8.6KG washing machine, for larger families or with children, you can choose a washing machine with a larger washing load such as 9KG or more.

Ability to save electricity and water

As analyzed above, if you want to save water, you should choose a horizontal washing machine. As for the ability to save electricity, you should give priority to washing machines marked with Energy Star or applying inverter technology. This technology allows to change the rotation speed so it can help the machine consume 20% less energy than usual.

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Size and style

The interior space and decoration of each person's house are different. Therefore, before buying, you should consider choosing a design and size to suit your home interior space. On the market today, there are 2 popular types of washing machines: vertical door washer and horizontal door washer, both of these washing machines have their own pros and cons.

Drum washing machine: Suitable for people with small room area

- Advantages: Design diversity, rich prices from affordable to high-end. Adding laundry to be washed in the middle of the cycle is much easier than a cross load washing machine.

- Disadvantages: Power consumption, water consumption, engine noise when operating loudly.

Horizontal cage washing machine: Suitable for families with large areas, high usage needs, financial ability

- Advantages: The speed of rotation is faster so the clothes are spinning more dry, reducing drying time, saving energy, saving water and washing cleaner.

Find reputable brands and sales sites
If you are really discerning and discerning shoppers, you should immediately pay attention to the websites that sell online and big brands to choose from. In addition, you choose the website to sell and supply items from major brands and warranty, good after-sales to choose the face, send gold.