Cheap, beautiful, economical with online sewing

Ordering clothes according to the image has become a new trend on social networks.

Buying fabric, bringing it to the garment shop is an old choice, recently, on social networks, there are many stores that accept sewing clothes according to the patterns or images of customers.

These shops usually have fabric and pattern ready. They sew according to size (table of measurements available) or according to each customer's own measurements at an affordable price. Transactions through mouse clicks, just fill in all information about your favorite product model, transfer the whole amount or advance about 2/3 of the amount as required by the shop owner, only a short time the believer will receive products by mail.

However, tailoring also requires certain skills to avoid fancy-looking clothes that cannot be worn in reality.

All you need to look for: best sewing machine

Online sewing as you like, unleash your creativity
Graduated with a major in Fashion Design (College of Education), Phuong Linh (24 years old) does not want to be confined to the workplace, she decided to open a small tailor shop at home, promote and operate. in the form of a social networking site.

Design, consult and cut sewing for customers. Thus, at the same time, Linh can maximize the use of knowledge learned at school into her work without spending too much money to invest in stores and business fronts.

Many online tailor shops were born to let young tailors unleash their creativity

Linh's customers are mostly young people because most of the designs are youthful and tender dresses and shirts. Linh shared: “I am quite short, so it is very difficult to choose clothes. There are beautiful dresses but can't find the smallest size, pants or shirts too.

Since I started studying fashion design, I often made clothes to wear. Initially, we sew according to the pattern we like. When we have more knowledge, we can draw the pattern by ourselves, choose the appropriate material and color. This work is very interesting ”.

A dress pattern is ordered by many young people

Initially opening an online tailor shop was not Linh's choice because anyone who learns design also wants to work in a professional environment such as an apprentice for a famous designer. While looking for opportunities, a friend whose body was "out of size" asked Linh to help him with some clothes. So a small tailor shop was born.

“Since the launch of this tailor shop, I have been thinking a lot more positively. Sometimes creativity doesn't have to be about working for a reputable brand. You can unleash creativity with outfits only a few hundred thousand ”.

Most of these stores cut and sew by hand based on the customer's sample

Currently, on social networks, there are many fashion shops accepting tailor-made models with very young shop owners. A quick glance at Facebook can find a few doors with very cute names.

Unlike what old clothing stores operate. Most online store owners are design learners, knowledgeable about fashion and have a lot of taste. They take advantage of social networks to post pictures, contact customers to expand the market for the store.

Besides, social networks are also a useful tool for customers to exchange pictures of their favorite outfit.

Online sewing clothes like in the movie
Already a girl, everyone is sometimes infatuated with fashion clothes on TV dramas. Many girls spend all day on the street, rummaging through the clothing stores to find and buy the jacket of the star they have been a fan of for a long time and then leave disappointed because they cannot find it. Or sometimes a beautiful picture online also makes her "crazy" because the dress is so beautiful, where to find now?

The costumes like in the movie ...

“Just by looking at the photo, you can sketch it out on paper and sew according to the pattern. Although we cannot look for the exact same fabric, with simple dress patterns, it can be up to 90% ”, said Phuong Linh confidently.

Currently, almost all the garment shops of the young shop owners accept sewing photos or hot outfits on TV dramas. From fancy and sophisticated stone lace dresses to color-coordinated evening coats, they can all be sewn and printed with the desired size.

No more worry of missing size or deviating size. Although not identical to the model, it partly makes fashion followers satisfy their dreams.

Or like famous fashion brands

It is no coincidence that there are famous stars who only love apparel like Kim Kardashian or famous designer Coco Chanel. Find out where a fashion brand can meet all the requirements of customers from materials to designs, and no designer can understand a small downside of millions of customers. Each ready-to-wear suit is estimated for hundreds of customers, but the tailor will please only one guest

The next plus point of tailoring is cheap. Some brand-name fashion brands, although they have affordable prices in foreign countries, but in Vietnam the prices are also not for popular consumers. There are very simple shirts but the price is up to several million dong.