June 9, 2021

Trip to the Grand Canyon

Planning a Trip to the Grand Canyon can be exciting, adventurous and a little overwhelming depending on what kind of trip you are planning. When do you travel the most to avoid the biggest crowds and the hottest temperatures? Should you head to the North Rim or the South Rim? For great tips on planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and more, check out this top-notch list for Arizona Hotels in Arizona.

My husband and I arrived at Grand Canyon National Park after midnight. It was pouring rain, and we decided to spend the night not in a tent, but in a car. Fortunately, the seats of the rented Nissan (we booked it here on bookingauto.com) turned out to be quite comfortable. We will outline our next route using foxiepass.com. Probably, this amazing place in Arizona has some kind of magical power that attracts those who have ever visited it.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most scenic wonders of nature. Travelers and vacationers have been visiting Arizona for decades to see the beauty of this location has to offer. Phoenix, with its exciting nightlife and cultural offerings, is also a popular area for tourists to visit. As you plan your trip, consider your hotel options in terms of sightseeing around the region. You can also find many hotel deals throughout the city at various attractions including the Arizona State Capitol and Phoenix Sky Garden.

Visitors to the Grand Canyon often choose a day trip to the Grand Canyon Village, an old historical landmark that sits less than two miles from the Park's entrance. The rustic atmosphere of this building gives it a feel that evokes the past. Once inside, guests will enjoy meals and drinks at the rustic cafe or grab a seat at one of the restaurant's benches and catch a glimpse of the night sky over the valley below. There are a number of restaurants located inside the Grand Canyon Village, including a Mexican buffet and a wide range of seafood dishes from local fishermen.

For those who plan to hike the entire length of the Grand Canyon, visiting the Hualapai Indian Tribe's reservation at Stocton-Trinity National Forests is a must. Located in the southwest corner of the park, the reservation serves as a research site and observation post for hiking, Jeep tours, and other outdoor adventures. Although the majority of visitors to the reservation came to learn about the tribes' spiritual beliefs and history, the Hualapai are also very welcoming to travelers and daytrippers who wish to enjoy a few scenic miles on the Grand Canyon Trail. This guided trail is a great way to spend the morning, afternoon, and even a bit of the night while exploring the many overlooks, waterfalls, and beautiful canyon villages.

Although many visitors stop by the rim of the canyon to observe its magnificent sights, there are also many native American hikers that make the drive. It is easy to see why; Arizona has long been a haven for southwestern immigrants and their descendants. There are a number of beautiful hiking paths, beautiful campgrounds, and even small towns dotted throughout the state with historic heritage. While the majority of hikers begin their trek on the rim of the canyon, there are still a number of companies that offer a guided day trip to the rim. Since so many people visit the Grand Canyon each year, there are a number of tour operators that offer guided treks all year round.

When it comes to hotels, there are a number of different establishments that cater to visitors who wish to spend a few days in Arizona and get a taste of the spectacular scenery that defines this state. Guests may choose from St. Jacob's Lodge, Maricopa Inn, and Eagle Point Motel & Spa. All of these hotels provide comfortable accommodations, spacious beds, Internet access, and delicious food selections. The best part about these accommodations is that guests staying at these lodges on any of their grand canyon views will receive special overnight accommodations at local restaurants. Staying at a St. Jacob's Lodge or Maricopa Inn puts you right in the heart of all the sights, sounds, and smells of the Arizona region.