June 13, 2019

Increasing Demand for Pulp Market to Fuel Revenue Growth Through 2025

The pulp market is primarily part of paper industry used for printing & writing, packaging and tissue industry. With the advancement of technology, the pulp market is ventured into the fibre industry where it is used to make high quality fibre products include diapers, clothing, LCD screens, pharmaceuticals, food application. The pulp market is moving towards eco-friendly approaches making it a desirable market in the near future.

Demand Scenario

The pulp market was USD 39.27 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD 50.35 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 3.61% during the forecast period. Chemical pulp market will generate highest revenue in the forthcoming years.

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Growth by Region

Asia-pacific region will be the fastest growing market followed by Europe. Countries like China in Asia-pacific region have invested in the market which boost the growth. The encouragement to the growth of chemical pulp market pushes the market in the upward direction in Europe.

Drivers vs. Constraints

The growth of various industries where pulp is used as raw product have led to increase the in the growth of the pulp market. The rising growth of tissue market uplifted the pulp market. In recent years, pulp has been used to make fluff products which are used for personal hygiene. There has been significant growth in the primary and secondary packaging where pulp is used as the integral raw material. However, the lack of proper infrastructure for sorting and collecting, various compliance issues faced during processing and frequent forest fires can hinder the market growth.

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Industry Structure and Updates

• June 2018- ARAUCO groups have joined hands to increase the business of pulp industry.
• April 2018- Fibria Company planned to merge with Suzano, which will be the plantation area for the pulp and both the companies will share their stakes and profit.

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