January 28, 2020

Tarpaulin Sheets Market Demand, Growth Factors, Supply, Latest Rising Trend & Forecast to 2026

A tarpaulin is a big sheet of water-proof material available in various sizes, generally being crafted from plastic like HDPE, LDPE. Tarps can be used to refuge any kind of items. Tarpaulins can efficiently be used to cover goods in the course of shipping and then they also can be used to house goods internal of a truck body so they are not uncovered to the elements.

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The Tarpaulin Sheets Market can be segmented on the basis of product type which are insulated tarps, hoarding tarps, truck tarps, sports tarps, mesh tarps, UV protected tarps and others;on the basis of product weight the market can be segmented by less than 100 GSM, between 100 to 300 GSM, between 300 to 600 GSM and above 600 GSM; on the basis of lamination type the market could be segmented on the basis of upto 2 Layers, 3 Layers Laminate, 4 Layers Laminate and above 4 Layers ; on the basis of end use industry the market could be segmented on the basis of agriculture, building & construction, automobiles, consumer goods, logistics and others on the basis of region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA and South America.Waterproofing ability of the plastic tarpaulin sheets is a major growth factor driving the market growth. Tarps are being widely used for the purpose of covering or waterproof large containers and wood piles.

They are also being used for collecting rainwater, winterizing windows and doors, and closing off the sections in the hospitals or rooms. Furthermore, growth in the end-use industries, like agriculture, construction, & automotive, is boosting the plastic tarpaulin market growth.Limited strength of the tarps and their vulnerability to damage in case of penetration can actually result in the formation of the holes in these tarps. This may further lead to the reduced efficacy & allow seepage at seams and in/around improperly attached grommets.

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These factors, therefore, limit the product application & negatively affect the growth of plastic tarpaulin market.Increasing application of the tarps in the logistics & marketing is likely to offer the growth opportunities to the players operating in the plastic tarpaulin market. Furthermore, industrial growth in the APAC countries is resulting in the new areas of product application across several verticals. These factors, thus, are likely to boost the plastic tarpaulin market growth in the near future.

Some of the key players operating in the global plastic tarpaulin market are Heytex Bramsche GmbH, Sattler AG, Gia Loi JSC, KSA Polymer, Lamifabs & Papers Pvt. Ltd., VIETNAM HOA HA CO. LTD., Fulin Plastic Industry Co. Ltd., MahaShakti Polycoat, JK Plastopack Pvt. Ltd., I & M Tarpaulins Ltd., Tarpaulins Direct (UK) Limited, Cunningham Covers, K-TARP VINA Co. Ltd., Zhejiang MSD New Material Co. Ltd., and A & B Canvas Australia.

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