October 20, 2020

Learn the methods for How to recover Facebook Account

Facebook users often misremember the login password, due to which it becomes impossible for them to access their accounts. However, Facebook allows users to reset a new password when they forgot the existing one by going through account recovery. A user needs to access the official Facebook website whenever they require recovering their account with them.  Facebook users must have access to details, including a registered number or an alternate email, when they proceed with account recovery. For learning the accurate process to recover a Facebook account, kindly follow the steps from below.

·       At first, you need to access the official web page of Facebook on a browser

·       Further on the Facebook home page navigate towards forgot password tab and open it

·       Then you will get transferred to the recovery page of Facebook

·       Now choose a single option among registered number or alternate email

·       On the next window a security question will appear that you need to answer correctly

·       After submitting the right answer Facebook will verify your account

·       Then you will get a code from Facebook in your selected recovery information

·       Hereafter, you need to submit the same code carefully on the Facebook recovery page

·       Afterwards, you will get transferred to the password reset page of Facebook

·       Now you can type a unique password combination in the new password field

·       Then type the same password again in the confirmation box

·       At last, press save button to end the Facebook account recovery task

Hence, the user can complete the Facebook account recovery task for resetting a new password, in case they do not remember their existing password. Besides, the Facebook customer support team is available 24/7 to help the customers who are unable to recover account on their own or looking for a query related to some additional services.