March 17, 2021

Top 10 Best Cities in Switzerland to Visit

Switzerland is a country that is surrounded by a plethora of beautiful lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, and some of the best cities in Switzerland lie amidst beautiful valleys and landscapes. The churches and castles are the famous tourist destinations in the country, and the cafes and shops line the cobblestone alleyways that you will definitely enjoy. The cities in Switzerland create its charm by mixing the old with the new.

If you plan a vacation to Switzerland, you might want to know the best cities in Switzerland to visit during the vacation and make your holiday a memorable one.

List of 10 Best Cities in Switzerland

The popular cities in Switzerland are situated amongst the mountain ranges or beside a lake and create an unforgettable landscape. Most of the famous cities in Switzerland have their significance and history, and you would discover something new about the country and its culture in every city. Some of the best cities and towns in Switzerland that you should not miss are:

  1. Zurich
  2. Lucerne
  3. Bern
  4. Basel
  5. Geneva
  6. Lugano
  7. Lausanne
  8. Gallen
  9. Thun
  10. Zermatt

Top 10 Best Cities in Switzerland

The country is beautiful with rolling mountain ranges, impressive and stunning railway lines, delicious food, especially pastries, and most of all, the ski adventure. Switzerland is like a winter playground, but the country has a lot to offer its increasing tourists year-round. If you are visiting the country, then it is necessary that you don’t miss out on the famous cities in Switzerland and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. Some of the best cities in Switzerland are:

1. Zurich

The city is a global center of financing and banking and it makes the list of the best cities to visit in Switzerland. Located towards the north of Lake Zurich, the city is the biggest in Switzerland and has River Limmat twisting through its midst and the snow-peaked mountains surrounding it. The town has an enchanting and mesmerizing setting and is a place with a vibrant, colorful, and lively culture and tourism.

The city is also one of the best cities to stay in Switzerland as it is the perfect blend of the old and new. The city is known for its history with a number of museums, including the famous Zurich Museum of art and the Swiss National Museum. The city is also renowned for its churches and both modern and old architecture.

The city is filled with parks and is the best city in Switzerland for its fashion and shopping centers. So, if you are a die-hard shopper, then this city is for you. The city also has well-built railway lines for tourists and locals. Not only this, the city even has a vibrant nightlife, so while you are there, do make a point to experience it.