May 11, 2019

Magazines Premium Channel FAQ

1. What is premium channel?

Premium Channel is a paid version of @magazinesdaily where all the world class magazines, newspapers and award winning novels are posted in a more intriguing and consistent way.

2. Why should I join the premium channel?

• A couple of years ago we created a free channel (@MagazinesDaily) in which our admins were devoted to posting magazines, newspapers and other novels and as time progressed we saw the need to create an extra ordinary platform that will be junk - ad free platform where paid magazines, newspapers and award winning novels will be posted without obstructing our readers attention with unnecessary ADS and so Premium Channel was born for readers all over the world to join at a little fees to acces our AD free experience and rare magazines, newspapers and award winning novels that costs a lot but we post them.

Having said that your requests are also proceed so fast and here is the list (for our Indian readers your list is here) of some (dont forget we process your requests also) of the magazines, newspapers and award winning novels that you can request and are posted everyday - we actually do post them.

3. How much does it cost to join premium channel?

• It costs only a flat rate of 3.95GBP (British pounds) tax inclusive.

This cost covers your lifetime subscription in our premium channel and you will have saved alot from subscribing to other sources which you would otherwise be paying per month or so......

4. How prompt are you?

• We are the future and the future is us! We actually post magazines, newspapers before even they are published on their respective websites.

5. How can I get the premium channel link after payment?

• Every thing works automatically, from the payment to receiving the premium link.

When you pay using our PayPal bussiness accountyou'll get the price set automatically and after successfull payment you'll be redirected to a website (secure) with the premium channel link upon which you'll click and access the channel immediately.

6. Will I have to pay again once I join the premium channel?

No! It's only a one time payment for lifetime subscription.

7. What if I don't get the premium channel link after payment?

• Whenever someone pays all the admins get notified via email and our telegram bot and we will be able to know if you've joined or not if not you'll receive the link from one of our admins through your payal email or through our bot.

We also have a group where you can join and request link incase you see a delay (rare).

8. How can I contact the admins of the channel?

• For advertising in our channel(s), feedback or comment you can contact Support, Magazines Support (WhatsApp) or MagsChat and you'll be assisted.

9. How can I Join?

• Quite easy as drinking a cup of here to join.

(remember joining is automatic and  instant after succesfull payment - refer to number 5 above.)

For our Kenyan readers, joining is via Lipa Na Mpesa (MPESA > Lipa na Mpesa > Buy Goods and Services > till number 915405) - you can also join via PayPal

if you prefer automatic stuffs:-)