Checkman — The best tool for UI/UX Designers to verify mobile app design

by Nguyễn Trường Long
Checkman — The best tool for UI/UX Designers to verify mobile app design
If you are an UI/UX Designer (or even a mobile dev or product manager), you will want to execute the UAT testing for apps in alpha version, or simply check any mobile app design. When it comes to creating a new app, there is no doubt that your team wants to make an app with innovative design and stunning user experience. So many UI bugs in the app can be a problem. Want to improve your app UI yet don’t know how to quickly notify your development team?
Here is your life vest: Checkman — The Mobile App Design Checker.

Checkman can help you verify if the build follows mockup accurately or not. It was born to be your assistant in UAT testing. After checking your app UI with Checkman, you can take a screenshot of any defective/imperfect screens with all remarks and share them to the development team for further improvement.

Curious yet? All Checkman main features are listed as follows:

Check whether elements are aligned properly: you can drag a vertical/horizontal ruler from the left or top of a specific screen and then move it to any elements you want to do alignment checking. You also can zoom in on the screenshot of the build to make sure every pixel is perfect.

Review top/bottom/left/right padding of one element: on each ruler, we have labels that show padding. The padding can be measured by Px or Pt.

Get the exact distances among elements by dragging vertical and horizontal rulers to the sides of elements.

Measure dimensions of elements (width and height)

Check color code of each pixel: no color will be missed under Checkman’s talent.

Collaboration is the core value of your team. Therefore, you need to share all issues you have figured out during your UAT testing. Developers should know what the issues are as soon as possible to fix them in a timely fashion. Just touch “shot n share” icon to capture all remarks of bugs in build’s screen and send it to your teammate. It should be a piece of cake!

Checkman team leader — Mr Long Nguyen — said “I believe that Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram teams put a lot of effort building apps with perfect design and user experience. Providing user a defective app might violate the creators’ principles. Consequently, we create this product to help all creators around the world perform their UAT testing better and make sure their apps appear with beautiful user interface design and the best user experience.

In the new version, Checkman team want to improve the product with several new features such as checking font familly, font size, and radius of a corner…

Now you can get Checkman on the App Store with this link:

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July 3, 2017
by Nguyễn Trường Long