How to Spot a Fake Review

Here are a few things you need to consider for spotting a fake review.

  1. Read between the lines

Inspect closely if the review is getting over the top while stating his/her review. Find out if the reviewer uses the same line over and over again. While reading gets a closer look to find if the reviewer has specified anything about his/her dislike. If the reviewer lacks details in the review, then it probably means it is a fake one.

  1. Pay attention to the tone and the length

In most of the cases, it has been seen that a reviewer votes by giving one star as his/her main intention is just to lower the reputation. Sometimes they just leave short reviews like “very bad”, “poor quality”, etc. without giving out any details of what they didn’t like.

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  1. Look for other reviews of the particular reviewer

Beside the name of the reviewer, you can find out whether the reviewer has written other reviews or not. If not, then you can consider that the review is not written by a genuine person.

  1. When a reviewer uses the personal pronoun

If you really want to get your review across due to your bad experience you write in a way you speak to other people. However, in a fake review, you will see the person to be writing using personal pronoun like “I”, “me” and concentrates more on writing proper sentences.

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