Advantedge is the edge banding solution in continuous roll form, for all the furniture applications. We are the first Indian company to introduce the finger jointing technology in India.

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Traditionally, craftsmen used edging strips with solid colours that were close to the shade of veneers, which were used on rest of the surfaces, or else they would make the edging strips from the veneer sheets. This resulted in the wastage of resources – time, money and efforts.

These solutions did not offer sleek appeal and one could spot the break in the design

which, at times, looked dilapidated. To overcome these problems, Advantedge was innovated.

Advantedge strips are available in almost all of the species in which veneers are made and in all 4 processes – Smoked, Rough Cut, Evergreen and Metallico. The thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 3mm. The flexibility of slender thicknesses facilitates to be effortlessly applied on curved surfaces without breaking the seamless flow of the edge.

The flexibility in size and form permits the craftsmen to apply these edging strips without any hassles and in no time all the while maintaining the design pattern all over.

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These rolls are pre-sanded to facilitate out of box applicability. It saves the time and effort spent in sanding them.

The thickness ranges from 0.5mm, which can be used for curved surfaces, to the door suitable – 3mm. The flexibility of slim thicknesses allows to be easily applied on curved surfaces without breaking the seamless flow of the edge.