May 9, 2019

Formwork Market in the United Kingdom is valued at USD 217 million

Formwork Market Size and Growth Rate:

The global formwork market was valued at $217 million, which is expected to grow to $252.2 million by the end of 2024. Construction companies are the biggest consumers which are estimated to reach around $6.12 billion by 2024, from $5.21 Billion in 2017.

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Formwork Market Overview:

Formwork is a basic structure, which is usually temporary, that is primarily used to contain poured concrete and to help mould it to the required dimensions and support it until it is able to support itself. Formwork systems are known to be versatile, and strong, permitting the construction of any geometry required for either residential, commercial, or infrastructure projects. It consists primarily of the face contact material and the bearers that directly support the face of the contact material.

Formwork Market Growth Drivers and Restraints:

Formwork carries all forced dead and live loads separated from its own weight and is utilized since the beginning of solid development and depend on basic part development, for example, section formwork is utilized as a part of shaft formwork, while piece and segment formwork are utilized as a part of bars and segments. Timber is the most commonly utilized material but is known to expand and twist which is a huge disadvantage.

The decisive factor in the growth of the global formwork market is the strong demand of the construction sector which has led to many innovations and emerging trends as a result of construction speed and durability. New concrete variations such as high-performance concrete, concrete with large ashes, concrete powder reactive with superplasticizer has the perception of the design, while posing new challenges in the field of formwork. In view of the application, the formwork market has elements like delegated transportation, structures, and modern offices et cetera.

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Formwork Market Geographical Segmentation:

In Africa, construction is proving to be a genuine driver of the whole economy with enormous infrastructural, residential structures along with the scaffolding and formwork systems that make such strong growth possible. The challenge here lies in attending adequately to the needs of countries such as Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, or Morocco, which are experiencing a growing demand in the construction industry as a result of the growing needs of the local population.

Some of the dominating companies of Global Formwork Market analyzed in the report are:

•            MEVA FormWork Systems Inc.

•            WACO

•            Wall Ties & Forms Inc.

•            MFE Formwork

•            Faresin

•            Interfama Srl

•            NOE Formwork

•            STRABAG

•            Mascon Formwork Systems Pvt. Ltd.

•            PASCHAL Group ACROW

Formwork Market - Detailed Segmentation:

Formwork Market – By Type

•            Timber Formwork

•            Steel Formwork

•            Aluminum Formwork

•            Other

Formwork Market Analysis – By Application

•            Buildings

•            Transportation

•            Industrial Facilities

•            Others

Formwork Market Analysis - By Region

•            North America

•            Europe

•            Asia-Pacific

•            South America

•            Middle East and Africa

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