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Natural Food Colors Market Size and Growth Rate:

The global natural food colors market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.9% over the forecast period i.e. 2016-2024. The global natural food colors market is accounted for USD 1.26 billion in 2016 and anticipated to reach USD 2.16 billion by 2024.

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Natural Food Colors Market Overview:

Food colorants are added in the food and beverages to preserve and improve safety, taste, freshness, nutritional value, texture and appearance. Natural colorants segment of food is expected to hold an important market share in terms of value owing to easily availability of fruits and vegetables. The global food colour market is driven by their aptitude to improve product appeal and growth in consciousness about the beneficial effects of natural colours. Natural products include fruit pulp, bakery products, ice creams, and other dairy product lose its normal look with the time.

Natural Food Colors Market Growth Drivers and Restraints:

Natural colorants are also helpful for masking dull shade and ornamental outer appearance for long duration, boosting market share. For example, betanin, a natural food colorant, is used for its amazing antioxidant properties. Likewise, red sandalwood offers wound curative properties and is used in ayurvedic treatment. Also, ban on trade of artificial colours supports the global market growth. The R&D activities for new raw material sources presents producers of food colours with frequent growth opportunities. Its main applications are found in the areas of meat products, beverages, bakery & confectionary, processed food & vegetables, dairy, oils & fats, and others.

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Natural Food Colors Market Geographical Segmentation:

Asia Pacific is likely to witness the highest growth rate in the global market, owing to high demand from developing economies such as India, China, South Korea, and others. In addition, increase in consumer expenditures in these countries for food & beverages is likely to increase the demand for colour cosmetics. The market in China is expected to be the most profitable market for manufacturers soon, owing to the increased awareness regarding the health benefits of natural food colours. Also, the ban on the usage of artificial food colours during the production of food & beverages leads to the enlarged use of natural food colour, thereby, driving the market.

Key Players of Natural Food Colors Market :

•            Naturex

•            ITC color

•            Royal DSM

•            CHR Hansen

•            FMC corp

•            Doehler

•            Allied Biotech Corporation

•            Changuang Bio Tech Group

•            Roha Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd

Natural Food Colors Market Segmentation

By Product Type

•            Curcumin

•            Carotenoids

•            Spirulina

•            Paprika Extract

•            Anthocyanin

•            Copper Chlorophyllin

•            Others (carmines, betalains etc.)

By Applications

•            Bakery & Confectionery

•            Beverages

•            Dairy & Frozen Products

•            Meat Products

•            Oil & Fat

•            Others (soups, salad, condiments, dressings and sauces)

By Geography

•            North America

•            Europe

•            Middle East and

•            Latin

•            Asia Pacific

•            Rest of the World

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