October 1, 2019

SIT Unfit in Umranagal Police Firing case - Justice Prevail

Both Kotkapura & Behbal Kalan Police Firing Case are two unfortunate cases of Punjab. SIT continues to be investigating the case. The dominance of conflict, amongst the SIT members, could be seen where four members are on one side and Kunwar Pratap Singh is on the opposite side.

Four members have raised doubts on the challan that was produced in the court by Kunwar Pratap Singh. This proves that there's an Incompetence of SIT in both the firing cases.

Incompetence of SIT in IG Umranangal Case

SIT lead by Prabodh Kumar, IPS, Director Bureau Of Investigation, Punjab. The letter submitted by SIT has special mention that Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh made the challan single-handedly as well as other team members weren't consulted. You can see that there are daggers drawn in SIT.

A supplement challan was also produced. In Kotkapura firing case, Inspector General of Police Paramraj Singh umranangal, SSP Charanjit Sharma, MLA Mantar Singh Brar, ADCP of the Ludhiana police, Paramjit Singh Pannu, DSP Kotkapura Baljit Singh, Kotkapura SHO Gurdeep Singh Pandher, are a few of the officials that are under scrutiny.

Similarly, current and ex-politicians, alongside leading police officials, are said to be involved in this case, politicizing the entire case.

Former MLA Made Accused in Kotkapura Firing Case

In a twist, SIT arraigned former Akali MLA Mantar Singh Brar under charges of a plan to murder and criminal conspiracy in the case based on police firing on protesters in Kotkapura. Ex mla made accused in igp umranangal kotkapura case based on his phone call records and other proof SIT has submitted.

Brar is perhaps the very first politician to be named within the case. When IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal was arrested, he was not permitted to even comment before the media, it was criticized by his family, and such thing shouldn't have happened.

This delay in the decision was due to the involvement of various prominent dignitaries and politicians. It's still not clear who panicked and fired at the peaceful protesters. All those that are involved are on the back of the curtains and really should be arrested.

IG Umranangal is Being Framed for Political Gains

Since Lok Sabha elections were just about to happen, that is why CM Singh took a cursory action and arrested the cop, hence proving the fact that this move turned for political gains.

Congress claimed this as a big achievement their party has accomplished to ensure their goodwill before the people. Anti-sacrilege case which led to the firing is a really sensitive issue.

The recording was also being tampered though the real footage was taken from him and was destroyed. Therefore, it is unclear which footage was shown in the court.

PS Umrananagal has been wrongly framed and he never gave the orders for firing. Moreover, his duty was not scheduled at the spot of mishap occurred.

When IGP Umranangal’s name is included in this case, old matters were also dragged & efforts were made to prove his engagement in those cases also.

The End Does not Justify the Means in Behbal Kalan Case

Being an honest policeman, Punjab IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal made enemies inside the police force. The goal of those police officials conspiring against him can't be denied.

Following the jail rules, two people are permitted to meet a prisoner in a single day, except a total of 16 persons visited him. Paramraj Singh Umranangal was also visited by senior police officials and Akali leaders when he was in Patiala jail. The main highlight of such visits was that no entries were made on the register, thus which makes it clear that the entries were unauthorized.

Seeing the seriousness of the case and dereliction of one's duty, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa (Punjab Minister for Jails) took this matter seriously and ordered the suspension of Patiala Jail Superintendent.

These visits were conducted to create pressure on Inspector General of Police Paramraj Singh Umranangal. One fact is confirmed that this whole case is politicized and SIT has failed in proving IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal as the main accused in the Kotkapura firing case.