December 4, 2020

How to Pick the RIGHT Underwear for Your Body Type?

The right type of underwear for their body type I’m going to discuss the four main body types the and main types of underwear and then basically how you can match your body type with the correct underwear.

let's get into it first category of very skinny guys the second body type is muscular now they have more narrow waists and kind of you know from there it just kind of tapers so this could be upside down triangles, some people call them the Dorito body in a good way but that's basically the muscular body type the third body type is called the athletic body type you can kind of think of this as almost a rectangle as opposed to the muscular triangle basically guys with athletic body builds have shoulders as wide as their hips and so they have usually stockier legs and it doesn't necessarily mean that their shoulders are narrow their shoulders could be really broad they just have stockier legs and kind of a bigger bulkier lower half.

The fourth body type is for huskier guys so if you know have a couple of extra pounds on you um that's also going to affect you know which underwear is going to be the most comfortable for you whether that's in the gym whether that's day today whether you wear you know chinos or just relaxing at home so those are kind of the four main body types you need to know which one do you fit in and then that's going to determine the type of underwear, you should get.

So what are the main types of underwear for guys the first one you need to know about is briefs now brief they're a lot of people think they're very uncomfortable I personally think they're very uncomfortable um they're also known as tidy whites sometimes but basically this is very constricting and it shows a lot of legs and so, in my opinion, this type of underwear doesn't really work with anybody type not even the super skinny guys, it's just too constricting it doesn't give your boys enough room to rest and relax and it offers a lot of support but that support can come at the cost of comfort.

The second type of underwear you need to know about is called the trunk now this is kind of a mix between briefs and boxer briefs what you're getting is essentially the same amount of support you would with a brief, you're getting the extra coverage that you would with a boxer brief but the legs are much shorter this really works well for guys with that muscular body type that's that upside-down triangle basically what you're doing are you're showing off a little bit more leg so it makes your legs appear larger than they are that is good for guys with that muscular body type because they typically have skinnier legs the third type of underwear you need to know about is the boxer brief now these are my personal favorites and these really work for almost every for every single body type  a muscular body build you want to check out the trunk style underwear or the boxer brief underwear.