September 11, 2020

Top 10 Probable Questions on Demonetization for UPSC Mains Question Paper

All of you must have heard enough noise about demonetization and many of you must have spent a considerable amount of time standing in some of the other queues. This issue, being a radical step, is of obvious importance in Civil Services Mains and it will be no surprise if you find questions from demonetisation in UPSC.

Here we are presenting the top 10 probable questions on demonetisation that you might find in the UPSC mains question paper. These might be asked on demonetization in the mains IAS examination. Instead of wasting your time in admiring or cursing politicians, try these questions out!

10 Probable Questions on Demonetisation for UPSC Mains Question Paper

  1. Black money is not just an economic, but a social menace as well. Critically examine.
  2. Liquidity is the lifeblood of the economy, real and parallels both. Elucidate.
  3. Examine the effects of demonetization on the farm sector in India.
  4. Demonetization is a powerful but temporary drug to tackle black money. Comment.
  5. Currency is the economic bond between the state and the citizen. Its crisis may endanger the legitimacy of the state itself. Do you agree? Elaborate in the light of the recent demonetization event.

Other 5 Question on Demonetisation for UPSC

  1. What are the historical precedents for demonetization in India? How was the 2016 demonetization different from the previous ones?
  2. Demonetization reflected the lack of teeth of the constitutional provision of parliamentary control over the purse of India. Critically examine.
  3. Black money has its advantages in a country like India. Elucidate with examples.
  4. What steps might be required as follow up to demonetization, to check the re-emergence of black money in India?
  5. The media coverage of demonetization reflects the lack of maturity of Indian media space. Examine.

Things to Know Before Solving These Probable IAS Question

Before you start solving these questions in favour of demonetisation or against it, you must understand the topic well. There can even be MCQ questions related to demonetisation in the UPSC question paper thus the importance of understanding the topic can not be neglected.

To understand demonetisation, it is important to understand everything about the cashless economy. To portray it in simple words it can be said that the economic system which is based on a credit card, debit card, digital wallets transactions are called or known as the cashless economy. Limited amounts of cash transactions take place in cashless economies. In this type of economy, the electronic representation of money is encouraged over transactions by coins or physical notes.

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