September 11, 2020

Who are Civil Servants? 10 Most Illustrious Civil Servants of India

Amidst all the claims of incompetence for the Indian power holders we are sure of one thing, It is the bureaucrats that run this great country of ours and believe it or not they constitute an army of personnel’s who sweat day and night burning the midnight oil to keep the wheels of this humongous nation running at speed.

Who are civil servants? What is the meaning of civil servants? To portray in simple words, they are the ones who bury the seeds of development, and their stories have now reached the ears of the common man. IAS officers in India, these unstoppable humans have a clear agenda of making sure that our nation’s glory reaches epitome and they understand the power of collaboration and unification.

Here are a few of the handpicked stories of real-life heroes who passed the UPSC examination which might leave you amazed.

Top 10 Real-Life Civil Servants in India

Prashant Nair

A 2007 UPSC pass out IAS officer in India currently serving as Collector, Kozhikode understands the power of social media and can elicit the great energy out of the people itself. Prashant has millions of followers on Facebook and is rightly called as a social media star. The star has clearly shown his determination towards his ‘ karmbhoomi’ Kozhikode.

Amongst his various accolades, the biryani incident is fascinating. He posted a message on his Facebook page asking people of Koyilandy in the district to help clean a 14-acre pond filled with water hyacinth and slush. In return, he promised them a plate of Kozhikode’s famous Malabar biriyani. In response to his call, quite a few volunteers got together to clean up the 14-acre Pisharikavu pond. Prashant took to Facebook to thank them all.

Program Introduced by IAS Officer Prashant Nair

He also introduced Operation Sulaimani which is a free food programme meant to enable those who cannot afford a meal to have dignity and also to avoid food wastage. His followers fondly call him as “collector bro”, as a mark of respect and admiration for him.

Narendra Kumar

IPS officer Narendra Kumar started his career in Bihar before joining office at Morena, Madhya Pradesh. He can rightly be called as one of the strong pillars in the fight against corruption. He was a fierce crusader against illegal mining activities in India and spent a large part of his life fighting the mining mafia’s. Indifferent about his own life and safety, this man was martyred by members of the mafia when he stood in front of a speeding tractor allegedly carrying illegal stones.

When he saw the tractor carrying illegal mine stones, he tried to stop it, and when the driver did not stop he stood in front of the tractor to stop it when the driver ran over him. Mr Narendra Kumar we will never forget you or your good work for the nation.

Ajit Kumar Doval

Already a name in the paparazzi, famous for his laudable work during his tenure as an IPS officer. He was actively involved in anti-insurgency operations in Kerala and Punjab. He has the experience of being involved in the termination of all 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft from 1971–1999.

Ajit Doval managed to turn militants and persuade them to assist Indian forces against the terrorists. He also stayed in Pakistan as an undercover agent in a high-risk assignment.

He later joined the intelligence bureau and is currently holding the position of National Security Adviser to PM Narendra Modi. One of the most powerful men under our Prime Minister, Ajit Doval has certainly bewildered all of us with his tremendous will and his power to stop at nothing.

B. Chandrakala

B. Chandrakala is a member of Indian Administrative Services and currently serving as District Magistrate of Bulandshahr, UP, she is an IAS officer of 2008 batch of UP Cadre. She is a strong officer taking a stand against corruption and illegal practices.

A warrior against the corrupt officials in the police department, B. Chandrakala never hesitates in publicly exposing those people who are not doing justice to their jobs. Thanks to her intervention, three corrupt contractors were booked in Uttar Pradesh.

She also actively involved herself in matters related to child welfare and women empowerment. Her joining the civil services at a young age of 23 has become a classic example for all women aspirants and she stands firm under the banner of unhindered determination and courage.

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