E-books and paper books

Every year technology is develop,if we in past have paper books,right now we update a book to electronic.And in this essay I will discuss about these books.

First sides think that e-books are death of paper books.Today is using e-books are more comfortable than paper books,because you can configure under your convenience.

Second sides think that paper books will never disappear.Yes,because we use paper books from a past.These books are as a inheritance.With books you can immersed in atmosphere better than e-books.And reading paper books is helpful.

In my opinion these statements are correct in own way,but for me paper books are better than e-books,because firstly paper books not damage for eyes.Secondly for me read paper books more comfortable than e-books.

In conclusion,I believe that paper books will not disappear.These books have big place in my life.And I will do anything to keep paper books.