December 1, 2020

Fan video about skateboards

I want to share with you my progress in creating a video! A little more than a week has passed since the release of the previous post, a lot has changed, a lot has been realized and a lot has been redone, but there is still a lot of work)

During these two weeks, I changed the structure of the video several times, replaced the cubes with high-quality models and added the environment to the frames. In general, a lot of work has been done, I'll show you a couple of fragments now)

Then I will use the colors that were determined by the wishes of the fans as a result of the survey)

I really like and very interesting to do this project, skateboarding has always attracted me, I'm glad that I can embody my fantasies on a PC)

It will be even more interesting further, so don't go far, I'll be waiting for you in 2 weeks)