April 23, 2021

Understanding social media threats

Still have a Facebook profile? Have you ever thought about the fact that social media decides for you what to watch, love, where to go for a walk, what to buy? It is very convenient. But what have we lost by agreeing to this exchange?

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Previously, the creation of worldwide social networks was just a dream for many. It was difficult to imagine the possibility of finding friends from another continent in one click. Users think so.

Businessmen dreamed that one day there would be a system through which it would be possible to buy people's attention and influence them for just a few million dollars. It would be cheap enough for them.

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What started out as a fun place to hang out with friends has suddenly turn into a greedy machine that manipulates people and their desires.

Children born since 1996 belong to Generation Z. This is the first generation of people in the history of mankind living in the digital age. The previous generation Y also used analog technology, so they remember life before the "information revolution".

Children now use smartphones from a very young age. No one will ever claim with 100% accuracy that the developers of applications and social networks will not use the data of these children in their own interests. They claim to be protecting them from the internet, but in reality they are hiding their true intentions.

Teenagers don't let their phones out of their hands at all. They hardly care about the real world, bloggers and other content producers control their minds and interests. The consumer is limited in his choice. He chooses based only on offers from advertisers, but even then his choice is controlled. This consumer stops thinking critically.

"There is a widespread belief that humanity adapts to any change. But this is a completely new phenomenon that has not been in human history."
- Randima Fernando, NVIDIA Former Product Manager

Here's what's really going on right now:
On one side of the screen, you, the user. On the other side of the screen, there are tens of thousands of programmers and designers whose goals differ from yours. Who will win?

It doesn't look like a fair fight. The artificial intelligence of social media knows everything about you, but you don't know anything about it. The fight is not even against your money, it is against your mind, against your freedom.

image source - https://www.mediacom.com/uk/article/index?id=addicted-to-tech

We have moved from the era of information to the era of disinformation, our information freedom is under threat!

Social media today is a human futures market. Your attention, your time is being sold to advertisers so that you don't make your own decisions. They practically don't talk about it. This truth is hidden from society by a veil of corporate secrecy.

No one has ever had so much information about so many people. This is unprecedented. And no one talks about this, because this knowledge is not profitable for corporations.

We use the media to keep up with the latest news in the world, but they are also part of the commercial tool that sells you.

Sometimes we still try to protect ourselves. There are many solutions for anonymizing and creating a private personal space.

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Proxy, VPN, Tor network, Tails operating system. Not a bad means of hiding your real location and any other technical information. Browser plugins allow you not to leave cookies and block tracking elements on the page. For registration in various social networks, for secure communication with others, you can use "unauthorized" SIM cards, anonymous mails, etc.

But let's face it - this is all very inconvenient. It takes a lot of time, and any slightest mistake is fraught with the fact that everything that you have done for anonymization and privacy for yourself will collapse.

Is it worth it? - No. This is a waste of time and effort, constant paranoia to be revealed and other "charms" of such tools.

But there is a solution - Utopia ecosystem. It is completely private and incorporates the functionality of everything you need for a comfortable existence on the network. An encrypted messenger and browser, a reliable payment system, a well-developed infrastructure with many like-minded people.

Best of all, Utopia will do all the anonymization work for you. You do not need to rack your brains and worry that you did something wrong. Utopia is self-contained and simple. Just try this ecosystem for yourself and you will see how easy it is to feel safe online.

Don't give your freedom for free, use the right to anonymity, use Utopia!

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