Ultraviolet disinfection

The principle of ultraviolet disinfection
Using ultraviolet , the bacterial protein is photolyzed and denatured, and therefore the aminoalkanoic acid , macromolecule and enzyme of the bacterial body are destroyed and died. At an equivalent time, when ultraviolet rays undergo the air, the oxygen within the air is ionized to supply ozone, which strengthens the sterilization effect.
Ultraviolet rays are mostly used for disinfection of air and object surfaces, with a wavelength of 2573A. it's used for air disinfection, the effective distance doesn't exceed Zm, the irradiation time is 30-60min, and it's used for disinfection of objects.The effective distance is 25-60cm, the irradiation time is 20-30min, and therefore the timer starts from the sunshine on 5-7min (the light must be preheated for a particular time, so as to ionize the oxygen within the air to supply ozone).
When the voltage of the ultraviolet source used for bai disinfection is 220V, the ratio of the environment is zhi60%, and therefore the temperature is 20°C, the intensity of the radiated 253.7nm ultraviolet shall not be but 70uW/cm2 (ordinary dao30W straight tube ultraviolet is found faraway from the tube Measured at 1 meter, measured at the space of use with special ultraviolet lamps, and therefore the ultraviolet intensity meter used must be calibrated).
Generally, it's tested consistent with the merchandise technical instructions of the ultraviolet source , and therefore the ultraviolet source manufacturer will provide the intensity description:
1. the middle intensity at xx mm is as high as xxx uw/cm2, just use an uv light meter to live this data.
2. there'll be a minimum intensity, and therefore the minimum intensity of the effective irradiation area reaches xxx uw/cm2. consistent with this data, it are often measured with an ultraviolet meter.