UV mercury lamp energy meter

The application of high-pressure mercury lamps has spread to many fields. Humans have entered a new era in industrial lighting or indoor and outdoor lighting, and UV energy meters are inseparable from it.As the name implies, the high-pressure mercury lamp contains mercury in the lamp, and its components include a quartz arc tube; an outer bulb coated with phosphor; a metal bracket; a resistance component and a lamp cap. The arc tube is the core component and contains mercury and inert gas. After power on, the mercury vapor pressure in the arc tube is about 2 to 15 atmospheres, hence the name high pressure mercury lamp. The light emitted during discharge is white, and the luminosity is much higher than that of incandescent lamps. It has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high luminous efficiency, long life, and power saving. Now it has been popularized for indoor and outdoor industrial lighting and street lighting.In addition, the application of ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamps involves many fields. The spectral range of this lamp is between 350nm-450nm and the main peak is 365nm. It has a higher power density and effective ultraviolet wavelength. It is used in light curing; color printing ; Ink drying; furniture industry; decoration industry and outer packaging industry all require the participation of ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamps.

LS120 UV energy meter is a professional instrument for detecting high-pressure mercury lamps. Some technical parameters of the instrument are as follows:Application Light intensity, energy and temperaturemeasurement of high pressure mercury lampSpectral range 315nm -— 400nm Peak Wavelength = 365nmIrradiance measuring range 0 --— 000 mW/cm²Irradiance resolution 0.1 mW/cm²Energy measuring range 0-999999mJ/cm²Energy measuring accuracy ± 10%, ± 5% (typical)Temperature measuring range -55°C-+125°CSampling speed 2048 times/second