Medical uv lamp intensity test

Medical ultraviolet lamps mainly sterilize and disinfect indoor air. There are two methods: indirect irradiation and direct irradiation.
  Indirect irradiation method: the use of high-intensity ultraviolet air sterilizer has the advantage of reliable disinfection effect and can be used when there are people indoors. The disinfection time is generally 30 minutes.
The principle of    indirect irradiation method is to suck dirty air into the disinfection machine. The ultraviolet lamp is sealed in the disinfection room of the chassis of the air sterilizer, and the dirty air is filtered and sterilized before it is released. Since the ozone concentration in the air when the sterilizer is working is ≤0.1 mg/m³, human-machine coexistence can be achieved.
   High-intensity ultraviolet sterilizer has an ultraviolet peak wavelength of 253.7nm, which belongs to UVC, also known as short-wave sterilization. The shorter the ultraviolet wavelength, the greater the lethality.
  Direct irradiation method: When there is no one in the room, use the ultraviolet lamp to irradiate directly. The number of disinfection lamps installed indoors is not less than 1.5W per cubic meter, and the irradiation time is not less than 30 minutes. The peak wavelength of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is 253.7nm.
UV disinfection lamp can be measured by UV dosimeter.
  The national regulations stipulate that the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp should be greater than 70uW/cm² at 1 meter below the center of the lamp. Ultraviolet lamps will attenuate, so the intensity of the lamp should be checked every time.
  Intensity detection of ultraviolet lamp can use LS126C ultraviolet intensity meter. This is an instrument equipped with a 1 meter hook. The hook is made according to the length specified by the country. When using it, place the instrument directly under the vertical center of the lamp. The instrument has an automatic shutdown function. When no one operates for 10 minutes, the instrument automatically shuts down. When testing, personnel leave, turn on the lights after closing the door, to ensure that the personnel will not be injured by ultraviolet rays.