Glass thickness measuring tool

Insulating glass is widely used in the field of building energy saving. As the requirements of building energy saving standards increase, it promotes the continuous realization of more excellent energy saving characteristics of insulating glass. The important factors that affect the energy-saving properties of insulating glass are the type of original glass and the thickness of insulating glass spacers.

The installation thickness of insulating glass is a very important work item, which will directly affect the performance effect of building energy-saving glass, and the amount of heat insulation and sound insulation. To measure the thickness of insulating glass, a glass thickness meter can be used to measure the thickness of double glazing and the thickness of the space layer. And it can be measured on one side, which is very suitable for the thickness test of the installed insulating glass.

Commonly used insulating glass spacer layer thickness is 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, etc. It can be tested with Linshang glass thickness measuring tool LS201, the method of use is as follows:

Insulating glass thickness measurement-glass thickness measuring tool

1. Place the instrument close to the glass surface.

2. Short press the "Measure" key of the instrument to start measurement

3. The instrument can measure the thickness of insulating glass. Glass indicates the thickness of glass, Glass1 is the thickness of the first layer of glass, Air is the thickness of the air layer, and Glass2 is the second layer of glass.

Linshang glass thickness measuring tool LS201 is especially suitable for measuring occasions where tools such as scales and vernier calipers cannot or are not easy to operate.