Paint thickness affect the car quality

The paint finish of many cars is actually different. There is still metallic du paint in Bai, but not all black cars are metallic paint. People feel that metallic paint is actually harder and better than ordinary car paint. Do you know the difference between the thickness of the paint? Many people think that the paint on the car must be a little thicker, because in this case it will be more wear-resistant, but is it really the case? Does the thickness of the paint affect the car?How much do you know about car companies and do you know the current car paint technology? In fact, the thickness of car paint is mainly related to the current advanced technology. In the past, thick car paint was needed because the technology was not advanced enough. However, with the rapid development of technology, thin car paint can replace thick car paint. The function is actually The same, so there is no case that the reported paint is not good. Let me introduce the current paint.In the past, the car paint on the car actually had four layers, consisting of primer electrophoretic paint, middle coat paint, color paint and varnish. And everyone knows that the German car-making technology is very rigorous, and its paint thickness is relatively thick. In this case, most people think that German cars are better and Japanese cars are thinner, but there is no difference in quality. Japanese cars just remove the middle layer. In fact, the current technology does not have the middle layer. For the car, the layer is the same as the four-layer. The formula of the knowledge car paint is different.Many people worry about the effect of the thickness of the paint on the car. They feel that the paint has changed from four layers to three layers. It will be weaker than before or will suffer the following effects in terms of scratch resistance. But for the current technology, it has no effect, because what can affect the scratching of Chengdu is actually the hardness of the car paint. When the hardness of the three-layer and four-layer is the same, there is no difference. This is mainly It lies in the outermost paint film. The outermost layer is the real impact on the car.After talking about the difference between the thickness of the car paint, does the thickness of the car paint affect the car? Do you feel that you no longer worry about the problem of car paint? In fact, the technology is relatively advanced, so many things are changing. Our car Similarly, the equipment on the car has become more and more advanced. Whether the thin and thick paint of the car is scratch-resistant has no direct influence. Even the previous four-layer car paint will appear when the car crash occurs. The situation of scratching. coating thickness tester can be used to test the car paint film thickness.