Asia Pacific Adult Diapers Market Segmented By Product, Top Manufacturers, Geography Trends & Forecasts To 2027

Adult, orgrown-up, diapers are commonly used by elderly individuals experiencing conditions such as dementia, extreme bowel looseness, versatility debilitation, and incontinence. There are various types of styles of adult diapers available in the market, based on the hip, waist, and leg cuff sizes, which help achieve a fair degree of a custom fit. Adult diapers are commonly used by elderly individuals experiencing conditions such as dementia, extreme bowel looseness, versatility debilitation, and incontinence. The increasing prevalence of incontinence and growing percentage of old populace are the major factors propelling the demand for adult diapers. Interminable infections, portability impedance, physical incapacities, dementia, and ailments related to mature age need to use older consideration items, including sterile diapers and napkins. Worldwide endeavors to improve the expectation for everyday comfort and prosperity of the elderly populace have been supporting the market for adult diapers. Based onproduct type, the Asia Pacific adult diapers market is segmented into pant type, pad type, tape type, and others. Based ondistribution channel,the market is segmented into pharmacies, convenience stores, online, and others. Based on enduser, the adult diapers market is segmented into household, hospitals, and others.

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Japan holds the largest share of the . In Asia, where there are low acceptance and use for dispensable child diapers, feminine hygiene items, and grown-up incontinence care items, the organizations extending their product portfolio to get ready for additional development sought after. The continued and high-paced development of Japan has been among the factors contributing to the extending reach and growing adoption of grown-up diapers in this country. Rising focus on individual cleanliness, and growing interest in feminine hygiene products and expendable diapers, supported by rising disposable incomes,are other factors contributing to the growth of adult diapers market in this country. The growing elderly population in developing economies isprobably going to help expanded interest for grown-up incontinence care items. Similarly, the country also reports the rising incidence of incontinence which is expected to drive demand for adult diapers in region during forecast period.

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Increasing Acceptance toward Adult Diapers

People, nowadays, are less hesitant about discussing health issues such as hyper tonicity of bladder and incontinence. The gradual decrease in stigma and taboo associated with discussing these issues, as well as using products that help manage the same, has led to wider acceptance of adult diaper products. To increase the acceptance of adult diapers, various manufacturers are engaging customers through consumer education programs and promotional campaigns in a bid to dignify the use of adult diapers. Manufacturers have particularly been interested in developing products for managing incontinence in women who are at a risk of suffering from bladder weakness post childbirth. The rising acceptance of adult diapers among the female population is attributed to the marketing of adult diapers as feminine and discreet. To captivate the attention of buyers, many shopping malls are placing adult diapers in personal care aisle with products such as menstrual pads, perfumes, and deodorants. With the currently increasing acceptance for adult diapers among individuals suffering from disabilities, incontinence, and prostate disorders, the adult diaper manufacturers are likely to find lucrative business opportunities during the forecast period. Moreover, the high acceptance of these products among the burgeoning educated class, who are aware of personal care hygiene products, has led to significant growth of the market.

Product TypeInsights

Based on product type, the Asia Pacific adult diapers market is segmented into pant type, pad type, tape type, and others. The pant type segment held the largest share of the market in 2018. Pant-style adult diapersare the most popular ones as they confer flexibility and feature breathable waistband, which makes them easy to use and enables air to pass through, preventing the development of rashes. It also prevents side leakage, and its thin absorption sheet offers a good fit. The pant type adult diapers are known for their capability to absorb huge volumes of fluids and moisture; they are made from spongy material that feels comfortable and soft against the skin, and soaks up urinary discharge. These pant type diapers are convenient for both men and women with incontinence issues or impaired mobility.

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