March 24, 2020

High quality valves Manufacturer in USA



An USA and Canada Valves Only has found the solution for fluid flow issues by manufacturing flow control valves. Gate valve also referred to as a sluice gate; maybe a valve opens by lifting a barrier out of the trail of liquid.


Gate valves are excellent solutions to shut off the flow of liquids instead of for flow regulation. When it is fully open, the standard gate valve has no barrier within the flow path, leads to little flow resistance.


Gate valves are utilized in numerous mechanical applications including the oil and gas industry, marine, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing.


Valves Only is the manufacture and supply all kinds of valves in bulk. You can buy it online with suitable and perfect sizes or dimensions.


The valves designed flexible or Solid wedge, Fully guided, Choice of Solid or Split wedge. Our experts possess their special efforts as they extended the stem design of Gate Valve for low temperatures. Valves have a particular Optional Bypass system. Gate Valves is Full Port Design, Outside and Screw(OS&Y), Bolted bonnet, Back Seal Structure.


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We are thrilled to let you know that Valves Only manufacture and supplies varieties of Globe Valve of different sizes and dimensions with the strength of their well-skilled experts.


Globe valves are structured with a stem that goes up and down to manage stream inside the valve, a circle (ball, or plug) and seat, which is by and large screwed into the valve body. Seats are planned in-plane parallel or slanted to the line of the stream. These kinds of balancing valves are most normally used to valve throttle, open, or close flow in a framework.


Globe valve, a sort of valve, is commonly utilized onboard ships.


Our specialization is that we manufacture high durable valves with excellent performance at best affordable prices. We are a well-established, trustworthy Valve manufacturer in USA and Canada.




With the accomplishing of fulfilling the customer demands, especially well-known in USA and Canada, "Valves Only " engaged in providing supreme quality of Pneumatic Actuated Valves. Our company is involved in manufacturing the excellent and quality assured products like Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves, Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve, Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve, and Pneumatic Actuated Globe.


Pneumatic Actuator signifies used for converting energy from pressurized gas into motion. It mainly consists of a piston that uses ignition of the air and gasoline, which creates a continuous force that finally moves the piston and converts that energy. It is also called Direct Acting Process. Pneumatic actuators Valve are broadly used in the thermal industry, steam power plants and gas industry.


With our years of experience, we aim to provide premium, durable valves with high-quality performance and cost-effective.




Valves Only is providing a Varieties of Butterfly Valve with excellent properties.


A butterfly valve can be utilized for separating or directing stream. The end system appears as a circle. Activity is like that of a ball valve, which considers quick shut-off. A butterfly valve is a valve that separates or regulates the fluid flow.


The butterfly valve has a wide range of applications like in cooling water, air, gases, fire protection, and vacuum services.


We are the leading valve manufacturing company in Italy and USA and Canada. We are well known for our long-lasting and quality product. We make valves according to the client's requirements and guarantee the best services.




Valves Only is presenting a safety valve from the family of valves that act as a pressure relief valve that automatically releases a substance from a boiler, pressure vessel, or other system when the pressure or temperature be over preset limits.


Safety Valve is a sort of valve that naturally incites when the weight of gulf side of the valve increments to a foreordained weight, to open the valve circle and release the liquid (steam or gas ); and when the pressure diminishes to the recommended worth, to close the valve plate once more. The wellbeing valve is the purported last security gadget that controls the weight and releases a specific measure of liquid independent from anyone else with no electric force support. The Safety valve is widely used in the petrochemical and chemical industry.


Valves Only is the foremost in demand Safety valve manufacturer in USA and Canada with an unparalleled reputation and credibility.




Are you searching for different Ball valves with different properties and sizes? Here your search ended as we the Valves Only manufacture and sell various kinds of Ball Valves.


All the valves we manufacture are based on several industrial standards like API, ASME, DIN, BS. Ball valves have superior property as it can be used for both on/off and throttling services. Valves Only manufactured Ball valve can be used for several years without experiencing any loss in sort of leakages. It means the valve is reliable and cost-effective for a long time.


Ball Valve are commonly used in the flammable gas and oil industry.


Ball Valve is beneficial in many ways as it gives the perfect seal to the pipeline. There is no chance of leakage when the valve is completely shut off. And, it will not reduce the pressure of flow when the valve is completely opened.


We based valve manufacture; manufactured valves come with Gear operation, Handwheel, or Actuated. We also design products based on the client's requirements. Different sizes, dimensions, and colors are readily available here.




Here we are introducing you to Plug Valve, a kind of stream control valve that enables the client to increment or lessening stream by pivoting the handle or other comparable activity. The client may need to alter the valve to the ideal stream rate, with the valve ready to hold the stream rate reliably and dependably.


Plug Valves have excellent features like there is the full circumferential seal around the plug valve at both above and below the flow passage. There are no cavities where flow media can be assembled or stained.


Valves Only is the best Plug valves manufacturing company that designed various types of Plug valves using useful body materials. Here are the different Plug Valves:


You can quickly get varieties of Plug valves at different sizes as per your requirement. People also choose us due to our fantastic customer care services, so there will be no queries will rises related to product durability and structure.




Valves Only is a professional electric actuated valve and distributes a range of excellent products in Italy and Japan.


Electric Actuated valves are used in oil and gas refineries, wastewater, marine,power generation and chemical plants all over the world, especially in USA and Canada . Due to their high level of precision and fast response time, electric actuators are the most popular.


For operation, Electric Actuator uses an electric motor. They are the non-irritating, energy-efficient, and quality assured product. The main attribute is that they can act on batteries.


Valves Only is specialized in Electric Actuated Valves because of our affordable prices, various specifications, and emphasis on providing quality products.




Here we have Check Valves that are single direction valves, are intended to stop the reverse flow and, eventually, to ensure siphons and blowers. They are accessible in a few styles and size from 1/8 inch to as enormous the same number of being required. Check valves are found in numerous enterprises with different applications extending from municipal water to mining and gaseous petrol.


We have three most popular types of Check Valves like swing check valves, spring-assisted axial check valves and double door check valves.


"Valve Only" USA and Canada based company famous for Check Valve manufacturer with own manufacturing plant and warehouse in USA and Canada. We believe in giving premium, reliable valves with top-notch execution and savvy.


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We are now in introducing you to Trunion Mounted Ball Valve from the family of Ball Valve. Trunnion mounted valve is used to resolve the issue of extreme torque required by a drifting kind valve in high-pressure administration. A short shaft like an augmentation called trunnion set in the body. Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve is customized that is also available for ultimate high cycle, high temperature, and similarly challenging applications.


"Valve Only" is a trustworthy valve manufacturing company servicing for many years. Our trunnion mounted ball valves are built to convey enduring, tight shut-off execution in oil and gas, petrochemical and synthetic industry applications. The valves are designed to meet API and ASME requirements.