About me

Hi!   At our laboratory we employ artificial biology of mammalian cells. One of the projects I worked on was to grow the production of recombinant proteins by over-expressing one gene. The job within this subject is in demand as well as significant. Subsequent to the end of the experimental work, I agreed with my scientific supervisor I will start practice in the subject of clinical study, in addition to write a scientific article. I'm writing a research, working for Novartis at the Department of Translational Medicine, taking a class in Data mining and genomics (data collection in genomics) and intend to master the programming language.I am interested in clinical studies, and the most interesting of these are conducted in companies like Novartis. I would like to see how the choice of a medical product belongs. I miss my family members and friends, but that I know that we must not shed touch with the area of bioengineering. On the flip side, in Ukraine I can share my personal experience with youthful pupils and coworkers. I am now talking about options for collaboration with NURE.

My name is Victor, I'm 36 years old, I was born in Lviv. Once I was fifteen, I started to study many fields of study : bioengineering, cyborgization, bionics, nano machinery. Unfortunately, they were still science fiction when it came to prolonging human life. I graduated from external college and entered https://nure.ua/.  I'm a researcher in bioengineering, medicine and physics. I am currently obtaining my doctorate from the Higher Technical School at Zurich. In Europe, It's compared to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I dwell in Basel - a biotech hub, Silicon Valley to get bioengineering.It happens that for my scientific research it is essential to know programming. So today I am in the process of analyzing it, particularly, the Python programming language. And Python is among the hottest programming languages such as entering the profession. It brings with its simplicity and universality. "Understanding Python, you can perform a lot of items - in the simplest scripts to information analysis and building neural networks. But specifically, evolution on Python - a backend to get web servers, the maturation of a hidden part of the Internet - the one that's not viewed by regular users. Server, its logic, interaction with databases.