September 28, 2021

The case of selling underwear in Germany. Spent/earned 200 euros/910 euros

About the project
The hero of the NDA case study. I was approached by a lingerie store in Germany. Offline sales were there, but I wanted to increase profits.

Of the advantages of the lingerie on sale, we could highlight the really high quality, eco-friendly materials made of natural coochure, and comfort when wearing it.

It was these advantages that we emphasized on the advertising layouts. All customers who came from advertising were given a 10% discount.

Purchasing a Facebook ad was the first experience for a client. She approached me with a request to let as many people as possible know about them, start selling and gradually increase sales.

Advertising budget: 202.35 euros

Case for the period 01.08-21.08

Target audience.
The advertising was only directed at women.

The age range was higher than 30 years, as the product was intended for more mature women, who value quality and comfort.

The work was conducted for a wide audience, having worked out theses on attracting the people who are interested in it.

Work process.
We used Instagram storizm playlist.

The goals were testing the messages and traffic. There were different sets of lingerie on the mockup, both on models of different shapes and on a beautiful background. Worked better on the model.

And also an offer for a discount and an appeal to write in direct to fix it and pick up the best set of lingerie for yourself.

The purpose of the message worked better, as people immediately had a button pop up that took them to direct. It was convenient and Facebook adapted exactly to the people who would send the message.

I am not attaching examples of creatives, since the case is NDA.

The results of the advertising campaign:

To the results:

Directed applications - 30

Spent - 202,35 euros

Orders for all time - 13

The average cost of a kit - 70 euros

Total earned: 910 euros

The cost of actually received orders - 15 euros


I recommended to the client to analyze the moment of sales, to understand the mistakes and thereby to increase the conversion to purchase;

At this stage, we are satisfied with the work done together.

If you, too, want more people to know about your product, regularly receive orders and profits, you can always write to me and I will be happy to analyze your situation and find a truly working strategy

Thank you for your attention!