April 24, 2019


Python is an object oriented, interpreted and high-level programming language with an energetic system. It’s built in high-level data structures with the combination of both dynamic binding and dynamic typing which makes it an attraction for Application Development and as a use for scripting languages and making a connection of existing components. Python is simple and its easy learning syntax focuses on readability which reduces the cost of maintenance for programs. It supports packages and modules which persuade code reuse and program modularity. The Python’s standard library and interpreter are available in binary form or source without charging any major platforms and can freely be distributed.

What are the uses of Python?

Python is one of the user-friendly programming languages due to its various advantages. Let us see how and where it is used

  1. Applications: Python is used to develop various applications like software development, network programming, graphic interface applications, numeric and scientific applications, web applications, business applications, and 3D and games applications. It makes easy development and interactive interface of applications.
  1. Accessing Database: Python helps in accessing database easily. It helps in modifying the interfaces of various databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and different other databases. It consists of object database such as ZODB and Durus. Python is also useful for API standard databases which are freely available to download.
  1. Code Readability: Python’s program is easily readable and can be maintained properly. It can be easily reused whenever required. The python’s simple syntax allows the various concepts to evolve without any additional code written.
  1. Multiple Programming model: Python is also known for providing continual support to various programming models. As it supports structured and object-oriented programming. It also has features which support the concept of functional programming. It is useful for management of automatic memory and dynamic kind of system.
  1. Standard Robust Library: Python consist of strong standard library for the development of applications. It makes developers prefer Python over other programming languages. Standard Library supports various module range which are accessible for Python. This module is helpful in functionality addition without any code written. Refer standard library to grab details regarding various modules.
  1. Simplicity of Software Development: Python applications are used to simplify the complex process of software development being a general-purpose language on programming. Python is used to develop complex application such as numeric and scientific application for web and desktop applications. It consists of features like visualizing and analyzing data which helps to create custom solutions in the absence of extra time and effort. It helps to present data and visualize it in an effective manner.
  1. Many open tools and source framework: Python is easily available and open source. It supports in costing software development remarkably. Python framework increases the process and simplifies the development of web application, the frameworks are Flask, Django, pyramid etc. GUI frameworks of Python are accessible for evolving application based on the GUI.
  1. Compatible with Systems and Major Platforms: Python is compatible with systems and platforms; therefore, it is used for developing applications. With Python interpreter’s help, the python’s program can be executed in specific tools and platforms since it carries various applications. The modified and new code can be run without any compilation and the impact can also be checked or monitored. It means after every change, recompilation of code is not required. This feature is helpful for developers which saves time during development.


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