May 17, 2020

Как выучить ВСЕ неправильные глаголы за 10 мин?

Да да, это возможно, дарлинг(дорогой или дорогуша).

Все мои студенты сияют от радости и готовы меня целовать(все обходиться просто обнимашками).

Все необходимые неправильные глаголы можно выучить через рэп песню одно преподавателя английского.

Спасибо ему😉

Вот ссылка на видео:

Вот текст песни:
The microphone I take (took, taken)

You shake (shook, shaken).

Wake (woke, woken) to the style I’m creating.

Think (thought, thought). Seek (sought, sought).
Listen to the lesson that I teach (taught, taught).
Don’t sleep (slept, slept).
I creep (crept, crept).
I sneak (snuck, snuck up).

You leap (leapt, leapt).
I keep (kept, kept) having fun.
I’m never beat (beat, beaten).
I win (won, won).
Do (did, done).
Begin (began, begun).
Shoot (shot, shot)— no, I don’t own a gun.

I lead (led, led) so I can feed (fed, fed) the knowledge you need, straight to your head.
When I bring (brought, brought) it, you catch (caught, caught) it.

Sit back. Relax.

Don’t fight (fought, fought) it.
Please don’t freeze (froze, frozen) when I speak (spoke, spoken).

It’s real. You can feel.

I don’t steal (stole, stolen).
I choose (chose, chosen) the very best rhymes and write (wrote, written) them into my lines and into your mind.
When we meet (met, met) I’ll bet (bet, bet) I will let you forget (forgot, forgotten).
I get (got, gotten) every head nodding don’t think about stopping.
Just come (came, come).
This is hip hop.
I don’t sing (sang, sung),
I sting (stung, stung).
I cling (clung, clung) on each and every word you hang (hung, hung).

It’s not enough to dream (dreamt, dreamt).

You’ve got to spend (spent, spent) time on your goals.
Please lend (lent, lent) me your ear come near and I’ll lay (laid, laid) down
this new sound that I make (made, made).
I hope you don’t say that you think it’s junk. I hope you don’t think that I stink (stank, stunk).

If you’re thirsty for English, come drink (drank, drunk) ‘cuz I sink (sank, sunk)

All competition when they hear (heard, heard) that I give (gave, given) encouragement.
When I spit (spat, spat),
Never quit (quit, quit).
Don’t sit (sat, sat).
Yeah, I like it like that.
I’ll even kneel (knelt, knelt), and beg you to express what you feel (felt, felt).

I rise (rose, risen) when I drive (drove, driven).

To the beat, tap your feet.
As you ride (rode, ridden), ‘cuz they hide (hid, hidden).
I find (found, found) if you flee (fled, fled), then I’ll track you down.

Now you see (saw, seen) that I mean (meant, meant) every word of the message that I send (sent, sent).
I show (showed, shown) I can fly (flew, flown).
Now you know (knew, known).
I shine (shone, shone).
I throw (threw, thrown) you the ball.
It’s your turn grow (grew, grown) with the verbs that you learn grammar through lyrics I draw (drew, drawn).

Peace to ELLs

Now I go (went, gone).

Озвучивать я вам его (пока) не буду...

Поверьте мне, вы этого не хотите😅