January 28, 2020

Why Choose Node.js for your Web Application Backend?

While developing your web applications, ensuring the quality backend is a must. As managing user connections, linking the app to the userbase and managing other functionalities is all taken care of by the backend, its development is a primary concern for any business. Thus, having a strong backend acts as a backbone to your overall web application that requires a tested and dependable technology like Node.js.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment that is written in JavaScript. Right from the time of its launch, it has been the developers top choice for developing real-time applications. Backed with amazing features, and flexibility, it makes an exceptional choice for your web application project. Let’s explore further 5 reasons why building your web application backend, node.js acts as the most preferred choice for developers and businesses

Accessible technology

As JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages, node.js becomes an accessible technology for developers. This does not just help you easily outsource or hire a node.js developer for your project, but will also help the developers to create a robust web application. Even during the development of your backend, node.js makes it easy for new developers to understand the codebase easily and join the development stage. Even if your developer is on leave or is unable to work, you can easily get a new developer for your project.

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Reusable code

Using node.js as your backend technology can enable you to reuse the code between the frontend and backend system of your application. As the code can be reused, it amplifies the speed of the overall development process. Without any hassle, developers can update, share and reuse codes whenever required, which saves a great amount of time between the lines, making it the best technology for development. This also means you will have to recruit fewer developers to get your project live, thereby increasing your profit.

Highly scalable

Another great thing about node.js technology is, it is highly scalable! Whenever required, your developers can effortlessly scale up your application in both the ways i.e. vertical and horizontal directions using node.js. To expand your app horizontally, all your developer needs to do is add new nodes to the existing ones. Similarly, to scale the application vertically, your developer can add extra resources to single nodes thereby making the entire backend system highly scalable.

Great operation speed

If you have a project with a huge stream of data from external sources, it becomes imperative for you to employ a solution with great operational speed, or can wreak the entire system. This is where node.js comes into the picture. By operating on a single thread, and enabling to tackle millions of concurrent connections simultaneously, node.js can produce web applications that are faster than other languages. With such captivating features, no doubt, why this technology is loved by developers.

Given all these lucrative reasons, you must definitely go with node.js technology for your next web app. As you see different startups, entrepreneurs and big giants relying on this technology to build amazing web apps, you too can change your innovative app idea into a full-fledged web app. If looking forward to developing a simple, fast and powerful app, all you need to do is find a dedicated Node.js developer and get your project started!