December 31, 2020

Sol Gel Nanocoating Market - Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

When a material is covered with nanometers scale to form a structured material, with the help of sol gel process is called sol gel nanocoating. Templates of spherical nanoparticles are formed in this process with complex shapes in nanometer or micrometer size. It is one of the most complex processes and is particularly used for catalysis. In sol gel process, the inorganic nanoscale network is developed over a continuous liquid phase by forming colloidal suspension along with gelation of sol. Moreover, hydrolysis and condensation reactions are among the crucial processes. Sol gel process used for the production of high-quality transparent film, monoliths, powders, porous gels, and membranes. Furthermore, nanosize organic materials are used for coatings and their type is decided on industry demand. Interaction on nano level of materials decides the efficiency of coating.

Market Outlook

Global sol gel nanocoating market size is projected to expand significantly over the forecast period (2019-2027), owing to growing use in end-use industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace, marine, energy, etc. Aerospace contributes to the largest share in the market, owing to high efficiency and high-level accuracy of sol gel nanocoating. High accuracy and high efficiency are required in the aviation industry, which is increasing the demand for sol gel nanocoating and hence propel the market growth. Moreover, growing use of sol gel nanocoating in consumer industries such as electronics and automotive, owing to its various characteristics such as surface energy modification, high abrasion resistance, moisture control, scratch resistance, and more are expected to boost the market growth. Moreover, sol gel nanocoating can be used on a variety of materials such as paper, ceramic, metallic, wood, fibers, and polymers, which is expected to increase its demand and thereby propel growth of the market.

However, high cost and complexity in applying are some of the major factors restraining global sol gel nanocoating market growth.

Market Regional Analysis

North America is projected to account for the largest market share in the global sol gel nanocoating market, owing to increasing demand for sol gel nanocoating. Increasing demand from developed countries such as the U.S. is expected to drive the market growth. Moreover, Asia Pacific is projected to witness significant market growth over the forecast period, owing to increasing demand for sol gel nanocoating for healthcare applications in the region.

Market Players

Key players operating in the global sol gel nanocoating market include Eikos Inc., Inframat Corporation, Cima NanoTech Inc., Buhler PARTEC GmbH, and Bio-Gate AG.

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