December 31, 2020

Polymerization Inhibitors Market - Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027


Polymerization inhibitors are special chemicals that are used to stabilize reactive monomers and inhibit them from the impulsive polymerization process. They are also called polymerization suppressors, polymerization retardants, polymerization terminators, and polymerization controllers. By reacting with growing-chain radicals or imitators polymerization inhibitors slow down or stop the polymerization process. However, they should be added in a regulated amount to a reaction. If they added in smaller quantities, it leads to polymerization in vessels and pipes, which requires mechanical removal. On the contrary, if it is added in large quantities, it leads to difficulties in the polymerization stage. Aromatic nitro compounds, amines, quinines, and hydroquinones are some of the common polymerization inhibitors used in various industries.

Market Outlook

Global polymerization inhibitors market size is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period, owing to high demand from manufacturing industries. Uncontrolled polymerization reactions are major issues in the manufacturing industry where polymerization inhibitors play a crucial role. For instance, polymerization inhibitors are used in the manufacturing process of epoxy resins and unsaturated polyester resin. Moreover, it is used in the distillation process albeit with lower vapor pressure. This is expected to increase the demand for polymerization inhibitors and hence boost the market growth in the near future. Moreover, growing use of polymerization inhibitors in end user industries is expected to support growth of the market. Polymerization inhibitors are predominantly used in resins, petrochemical, and chemical intermediates, which is expected to boost its demand and thereby drive the market growth. Furthermore, increasing demand from the chemical industry is expected to support growth of the market. Polymerization inhibitors are used to suppress reactions of ethylene, vinyl acetate, and some other chemicals.

However, stringent environmental regulations applied by governments are expected to restrain growth of global polymerization inhibitors market.

Market Regional Analysis

Asia Pacific is expected to hold significant market share in global polymerization inhibitors market over the forecast period. This is owing to increasing demand for polymerization inhibitors from emerging economies such as China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. North America is expected to witness significant growth in the market, owing to increasing demand from the petrochemical industry. The U.S. is expected to hold the dominant position, due to high presence of key players in the region. Europe is also expected to witness moderate growth, with Netherlands and Sweden being the major contributors in the region.

Market Players

Major players operating in the global polymerization inhibitors market include Kawasaki Kasei Chemicals Co. Ltd., Addivant, Nalco Company, Chemtura Corporation, and Nufarm Limited.

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