Shree MadhvAcharya [Shree AnandaTirtha] - "SarvaMula-Grantham" - 9 Volumes optimized set [just 38MB] - #Belgavi 1891 Sanskrit edition#

Shree MadhvAcharya [Shree AnandaTirtha] — «SarvaMula-Grantham» — 9 Volumes optimized set [just 38MB] — #Belgavi 1891 Sanskrit edition#

DOWNLOAD#01 (Sanskrit, 9 separate files in 1 folder, 38MB):


DOWNLOAD#02 (Sanskrit, 1 ZIP-archive, 38MB):

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English annotation by Vishnudut1926: I have found this edition a couple of weeks ago on, this channel —

Their variant was around 3.5GB in overall size, so I have optimized the scans down to 38MB (yes, nearly 100 times lighter!). If you are interested in my optimization script, it was the following:

1. I have converted huge pdf-files into 150dpi jpeg-files via PDF Shaper Free (good powerful CPU is needed for this task) and

2. I have processed the output jpeg-files via «Image to Black-and-White» script («minus 350» points) in NAPS2 and bound them into new optimized pdf-files in NAPS2 too.

So, the result is 9 optimized black-and-white volumes with the following composition:

SarvaMula-01-[[[गीताभाष्यम् — gItAbhAShyam]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-02-[[[गीतातात्पर्यनिर्णयः — gItAtAtparyanirNayaH]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-03-[[[ब्रह्मसूत्रभाष्यम्-अनुव्याख्यानम्-न्यायविवरणम्-अणुभाष्यम् — brahmasUtrabhAShyam-anuvyAkhyAnam-nyAyavivaraNam-aNubhAShyam]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891.pdf

SarvaMula-04-[[[ऋग्भाष्यम्-ऋक्-संहितायुतम् — RRigbhAShyam-RRik-saMhitAyutam]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-05-[[[उपनिषत्प्रस्थानग्रन्थाः — upaniShatprasthAnagranthAH]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-06-[[[प्रकरणग्रन्थाः — prakaraNagranthAH]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-07-[[[स्तोत्र-आचारग्रन्थाः — stotra-AchAragranthAH]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-08-[[[यमकभारतम्-महाभारततात्पर्यनिर्णयः — yamakabhAratam-mahAbhAratatAtparyanirNayaH]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

SarvaMula-09-[[[श्रीमद्भागवततात्पर्यनिर्णयः — shrImadbhAgavatatAtparyanirNayaH]]]-Madhvacharya-Belgavi-1891-edition.pdf

The scan page example (see also on #plurk, #box):