July 31, 2020

How to thump tires

A quick and easy way to check tire pressure is by thumping your tires. Some trucks have many tires and tire thumping is the fastest method for checking tire pressure before hitting the road.

Since duel tires ride side by side, one tire can be flat and still on the wheel or rim and will not appear flat since the tire right next to it will hold it off the ground.

Tire Thumper assists the driver operator in a quick method of evaluating properly inflated tires.

If there is air in the tire, the tire thumper will bounce easily and make a loud, sharp thud; and if the tire is flat (no air) it will not bounce much and will give a sound like a dull thud when it is smacked.

The most common cause for tire failure on any vehicle is low tire pressure. Heat builds as the steel belt and polyester cords rub against each other and the rubber falls apart and tire failure will occur faster the lower the pressure is from the maximum or recommended pressure for any particular tire.

Tires need to be at 90 PSI to be safe and to get the maximum miles per gallon but there are smaller newer tires that hold up to 150 PSI and are even more susceptible to low tire pressure and will fall apart faster and look low or flat when low on air.

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