August 20, 2020

About me

Hi!   In general, locating a hobby really is a thing that shouldn't take a long time. The main thing isn't to attempt to find a hobby just to make it occur. If there is a place in your lifetime for additional hobbies, then they'll arise independently. And it is likewise convenient you could join listening to audio along with different hobbies: for instance, to draw cook or compose a code and listen to your favourite tunes.

People that are engaged in audio, live in a wonderful time when you learn to play on anything has gotten a lot easier. In the 21st century, you often don't actually want the tool itself to learn how to play with it. Lots of applications for musicians greatly simplifies the procedure for learning how to play the instrument. Before that I recognized a powerful startup using a spouse, which was successfully marketed. But shortly after that, my interests shifted, and since there were no ideas for my project, I chose a job as a hired employee. I understood how to compose perl, understood how the net works, and has been more or less familiar with javascript.And suddenly 1 individual came up with an idea to create a joint project - an online store.

My project is definitely more interesting than a hired occupation, so I consented to try it. It was basically determined to perform everything from scratch and without shareholders. Partner's debate:"functioning to get an investor is not any different from a hired job". Days I continued to work at the workplace, and in the weekends and evenings composed the store on perl. At that moment, probably, there were already CMS on PHP and even likely ready shops - but it was determined to perform their own. This idea was to be quite effective, a onslaught of orders dropped. I created a risky decision and quit my job. This project  was a victory. Now I can completely give time to my loved ones, friends and hobbies.

My name is Vladimir and now I have been operating in SEO for a long time. Over 10 years of expertise in program development, marketing and consulting for e-commerce. For many years I worked for a young and modest but promising internet business, which managed to grab a few of rather big clients for continuous support. Not a terrible group, tolerant attitude of the directors, free schedule, etc..