September 14, 2020

cheap mcqueen tread slick chelsea boot

When I was deciding what colour to go for in these Alexander McQueen Oversized Trainers, I couldn’t narrow it down for a couple of weeks as I had my eye on the Black (which I had originally wanted), the Rose Gold, or the Pewter. I eventually settled on the Pewter as you can see here and I think it was the best option I could have gone for! The Black was in a suede, so it was quite intense and dark, and the Rose Gold just seems to be a little too feminine or cheap mcqueen tread slick chelsea boot young, whereas the Pewter is stylish and classy, while offering enough of an edge to the shoe to make them fun. There are so many colours to choose from though including blue, red, pink, purple, glitters, dip dye, all white etc… so there really is a pair for everyone! I recommend Pewter though, I really do!
Usually, for those of you who know me or read my reviews often, my feet are very sensitive and blister easily and I don’t like wearing shoes which cause any discomfort. I was apprehensive about these to begin with as I’d read online that some people said the toe box digs into their feet, the tongue presses into the front of the ankle, and they were stiff, and these were very valid concerns for me. I decided to give them a go though and just see if they would hurt, but thankfully they don’t! A pair of designer trainers that actually don’t hurt! Sure I can feel the tongue against the front of my ankle as it’s a longer design, but it’s soft enough so that it doesn’t rub or cause any pain there. Sure I can feel the area inside where the toe box meets the laces on my left foot when I walk fast, but that’s because the shoe doesn’t bend or crease up so that it doesn’t lose shape. It’s not painful and at the most I would say a mild discomfort sometimes, but otherwise you can’t feel it. They’re comfortable to walk in, I didn’t even wear socks, and the back of the heel is padded with a super soft leather so there wasn’t even any rubbing, blisters or friction! I wore them for walking about in for over 4 hours, and was incredibly surprised! Definitely comfortable!
When it comes to designer shoes, the standard price is a starting point of around £300 and then it goes upwards, and I fake alexander mcqueen would say between £300-£400 seems to be the normal average for trainers, which is why I think Alexander McQueen got it right as these cost £360.