February 1, 2021

What Things Parents Should Know Before Buying Kids Safety Glasses?

Eye injuries are a major reason for blindness in kids in the USA. Most of the injuries occur with kids while playing their favorite games. Therefore, they require to wear kids safety glasses when they are playing rigorous sports.

The good news is that by wearing the right safety eyewear, kids can prevent sports eye-related injuries. Protective glasses are made with a strong polycarbonate material that is impact resistant. They shield your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Types of safety eyewear for sports are including face guards, safety goggles, and unique eyewear for special sports. Traditional sunglasses and eyeglasses don’t shield kids' eyes from sports-related eye injuries. But kids safety glasses are made for the best match to kids' sports.

Besides, there is a good option of safety goggles that can wear over regular glasses. So, there a few things that parents must consider before buying safety glasses for kids.

Size Matters When You Buy Kids Safety Glasses

Generally, there are few sizes available in the glasses like men, women, and kids. So, before leaving the optometrist with the latest prescription note, ask him for your child's face. Test him for a few frames and note which size is perfect for your kid. You need to look at few things like:

Their eyes should be on the center of lenses.

There should be no gap between the glasses and the nose bridge. Because the weight of the eyeglasses can cause to fall down the glasses from face when they look down. Every store has a wide range of glasses to choose the right fit for them.

You can find the frame of exact measurement of your child's face and make sure this thing when you order online. Right fit is an important factor for the glasses because it is a matter of vision and never compromise over it.

Choose The Right Frame When You Order Kids Safety Glasses

The biggest considering point is the style of the frame when it comes to kids safety glasses. There are endless options that come particularly for a child as style, shape, and color, etc. But to choose one of them for your kid can be overwhelming. Besides, online retailers have relatively low-cost glasses than traditional stores.

You can even buy several pair for your kids according to their routine activities. The low price will allow you to buy more than one pair if your kid breaks or loses his glasses. They are expensive or tiresome to replace kids' glasses. Otherwise, buying several pairs is not a bad idea.

Purchase Kids Safety Glasses for Everyday Activities

Branded frames are a good choice, but polycarbonate is the best material to choose for kids. Besides, they are ideal for everyday wear and tear.

Furthermore, you can match them with the child wearing accessories. Therefore, texture matters over trend but make sure about the right prescription. So, buy kids safety glasses according to child activity.

For example, get an extra pair with funky shades for fun, but they should match your kid's personality and style.

·         Grab a pair of sunglasses for everyday use.

·         Buy safety glasses for in and outdoor activities.

·         Don’t miss holders and straps.