Golos 📣 Mintera

Description of the "Golos 📣 Mintera" channel (@ehomintera)

"Golos 📣 Mintera" is the first infotainment channel in which everyone can earn money🎁


Our services:

🔘 First of all, the channel is designed to post new, relevant, interesting and useful information. This is not a news bureau, but nevertheless, if you have something to share with people around you, then you can do it in the "Golos 📣 Mintera" by making a transaction for 1 BIP.

🔘 The channel also makes it possible to place advertisements. You can promote your product (or something else) by placing an advertising post with us for only 5 BIP (fixed for 12 hours 25 BIP).

🔘 In addition, if you need to know the opinion of the community on any issue, you can post your survey in our channel, whose audience has already exceeded 1500 subscribers and is growing by new subscribers every day.
 The cost of placing the survey is 25 BIP.

📝Instruction for creating a survey.

 You have two options to do this:
 1⃣ Via the channel administrator.
 2⃣ By directly sending the survey text in an attached message to the transaction.

If your survey is not voluminous and does not require the attachment of any media files, then for this it is easier for you to resort to the second option, that is, attach the survey directly to the transaction.

To do this, one very important condition must be observed - the question itself and the answers to this question must begin on a new line.

Poll Example

To create a survey from the web console (since the web console does not support line breaks, they must be replaced with the special character - \ n)
 Poll: \n Question? \n Answer1 \n Answer2

Moreover, ⚠️⚠️⚠️:
 ❗️ There should not be extra spaces neither to nor the field of these characters.
 ❗️ At the very beginning of the message, it is necessary to spell the word POLL and a colon
 👉 Poll: 👈

🔘 Since our channel is not only informational, but also entertaining, we decided to periodically arrange various interesting contests and quizzes here.
 The more active you are in these promotions, the more often we will be able to arrange for you like that.

🔘 And, perhaps, the main distinguishing feature of our channel is the ability to earn money without any investments. You have a unique opportunity to receive bonuses per click.
 The conditions are simple:
 📌Subscribe to the @ehomintera channel.
 📌 Register through the bot (@ehomintera_bot) using your wallet.
 📌Like / dislike any posts no older than 48 hours.
 📌 Get 0.01 BIP for every click.

Once your savings reach 1 BlP, we will automatically transfer your earnings to the specified wallet.

🔘🔶For the most active subscribers, we updated the conditions for receiving awards and introduced a ranking system.
 Now you have an even greater incentive to actively participate in the life of the channel.
 🔸 The ranking of actively voting participants, with appropriate privileges for each rank, is as follows:
 ⭐️ - CANDIDATE FOR JURY MEMBERS [abbr. - candidate].
 🌟 - CHAIRMAN OF THE JURY [abbr. - chairman].
 ✨ - JUDGE

🔸Terms of achievement and privileges of each rank.
 ⭐The first rank [candidate] is reached by those participants who voted at least 200 times. After achieving this title, each candidate will receive a reward equal to 0.015 BIP (instead of the standard 0.01).
 🌟 The second rank [chairman] is achieved after the user has completed at least 500 voting acts.
 The size of the award is 0.02 BIP.
 ✨ The third rank [judge] is assigned to users who voted at least 1000 times.
 Award 0.03 BIP.
 ⚡And the last, most senior rank [supreme judge] will go to those who voted a total of 10,000 or more times.
 The reward for such users is 0.07 BIP per click.

📌 In addition, each rank will have its own voice power. That is, the higher the rank, the greater the number of votes cast by the user for one voting act.
 The distribution of voice power is as follows:
 Candidate - voice power 2.
 Chairman - the power of voice 5.
 Judge - power of voice 10.
 Supreme judge - power of voice 25.

⚠️ Please note that only those who are subscribed to the channel and registered in the corresponding bot will receive the reward.


Interesting innovations:

For a clearer perception by subscribers of the channel of the information that is published in it from one or another advertiser, we introduced a new option - display verified users.
 What does it mean?
 From now on, any advertising post posted on the channel will have the following attributes:

🧬 - the presence of such an icon indicates the presence of this address in the GENESIS BLOCK.

✅ / ❌- indicates that the wallet owner has passed / failed verification.

🕰 - wallet age in days.

🔃 - the number of transactions of this wallet.

And a group of icons showing the level of trust in this wallet (based on data with https://scoring.minter.work):

🌵 - level of trust less than 10.
 🍁 - level of trust in the range of 10-40
 ☘ - level of trust 40-70
 🍀 - level of trust above 70


Profitable offer.

In order to prevent advertisers from feeling deprived of our attention, we created a discount system specially for them. Discounts for active advertisers will be implemented in the form of a commensurate cashback according to the following scheme:
- Those advertisers who have published posts totaling at least 500 BIP will be able to receive a cashback with each subsequent posting equal to 5% of the price of this publication.
- Those advertisers who have published posts totaling at least 1,500 BIP will be able to receive a cashback with each subsequent posting equal to 10% of the price of this publication.
- Those advertisers who have published posts totaling at least 5000 BIP will be able to receive a cashback with each subsequent posting equal to 15% of the price of this publication.

📌Thus, the more often you place your advertisement with us, the cheaper it will cost you.


And the latest update.
We reviewed the logic of the contest for the best post and present it to you in a new format.

From now on, the debriefing will be carried out not every two days, but once a week. The winning amount will be 10% of the amount accumulated from the competitive posts. The conditions will remain the same - the maximum number of likes and minimum dislikes.
Innovations related to the competition for the best post had came into force on Monday 09/09/2019 09:00 Moscow time. Competition results will also be announced every Monday at 09:00 Moscow time.