June 8, 2021

Yoga To Stay Fit And Healthy After Delivery

Becoming a mother is a wonderful feeling in this world. But along with this happiness, you lose your body shape. You start feeling uneasy about losing your prior personality. In actuality, even after becoming a mother, you can look again as you were before. You just need a little change in your daily routine.

After becoming a mother, most women start thinking of themselves as retiring and start thinking that now their figure cannot take shape like before. So they become careless with their fitness, they do not make any effort for that.

As a result, their body becomes brittle, and the skin withers. While the reality is that after the child is born if a little attention is given to herself, any woman can reshape her body and look beautiful as she was before.

Let's know how you can keep yourself fit and healthy even after delivery.

When to start yoga and other exercises

Says Dr. Nimmi Rastogi, Director (Gyne) of Sarthak Medical Center, Delhi, "If delivery is normal, any woman can start exercising after 6 weeks of delivery and after 3 months of delivery is cesarean. Women can start exercising. ''

It is natural to have weight gain at the time of delivery. Every woman gains weight from 9 kg to 11 kg. Since there is no physical activity at this time and high-calorie items like ghee, dry fruits, etc. are consumed more, then the weight increases. Increased weight can be reduced if regular yoga asana, exercise, and attention are taken care of. Joining yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can also help you learn the basics of yoga. There are many schools who offer special yoga courses for new mothers.

How to do acceleration

The best one is walking. Move as much as you can, keep moving the water body. Start with simple exercises. Initially, exercise only for 15 minutes. Slowly increase exercise time to 45 minutes. Do toning, breathing like Anulom Vilom yoga asana, etc. Be careful not to accelerate during heavy periods. Do as much exercise as possible without fatigue. Do not do such an acceleration which causes a stretch or pain in the body. After delivery, the effect of hormones causes the joints to become loose. Stomach muscles become loose. In such a situation, they can be strengthened by exercise.

Kegel Exercise

Urine begins to pass when laughing or coughing due to reduced vaginal control after delivery. Kegel acceleration is very important for this problem. It makes the loose vagina strong. The vagina is compressed by this acceleration. In this acceleration, by stopping the breath, keep the vagina shrinking for 10-15 seconds. Then let loose.

Do this acceleration 5 times a day. This strengthens the muscles of the vagina, reducing their loosening.

Yoga Asana For Abdominal 

For the abdominal muscles lie on your back and bend your knees. Place both hands on the stomach in a cross. Then raise the head. On lifting the head, the abdominal muscles will become tighter. Then take a deep breath. Then, exhaling, raise the head and shoulders to an angle of 45 degrees, and tighten the abdominal muscles. Slowly return to the previous position. Increase this asana slowly and do it 50 times daily.

Benefits of Morning Walk

If you always want to stay fit and keep the glow of your face also, then include daily walking in your habit. This reduces the risk of heart disease along with reduced cholesterol in the blood. The joints are also strong and the speed of metabolism in the body is fast.walking also increases your immunity. Emotional support is also available from this.

What to Include in Your Diet?

If you include protein-rich food in your diet, you will get more benefits. The food we eat consists of 60% carbohydrate and 25 to 40% fat while the protein is low. If you increase the amount of protein by reducing the number of carbohydrates and fat, then obesity can be reduced easily.

Paneer: It is very beneficial for the teeth. The minerals, salts, calcium, and phosphorus found in it protect the enamel of the teeth. Cheese also makes bones strong.

Sprouted grains: Sprouted grains contain a lot of protein, which keeps the body strong and prevents diseases. It is full of nutrients. It is a good source of antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C.

Eating fiber: Rich fibrous sprouts makes your digestive system strong. It is very low in calories.

Papaya: Elements like vitamins A, B, C, and D, protein, and beta carotene are found in papaya. It helps to reduce weight. 

Green leafy vegetables: Eating them protects against iron deficiency anemia after delivery in women.

100 grams of green vegetables should be eaten. They also make our immune system strong and beneficial for the eyes. They are also effective in the prevention of breast cancer and lung cancer. Vegetables are rich in fiber.

According to Piyush Kumar, fitness expert of Tarkore in India Gym Center, Delhi, "After delivery, do such an exercise that does not put much emphasis on the stomach. For this, do light stretching, yoga kriya, normal crunch, etc. Sit up and shake your legs. Knees can bend by lying on your back. Lower the legs 10 times. Stand up and drag both hands upwards. Stand upright and move left-right."