About me

 Hi!   My title is Vsevolod, 15 years back I got a greater education - linguist, English instructor. Worked as an English teacher in high school (hellish work - our educators will need to set a monument just for the simple fact they come to school, and if they also teach a thing - it's a feat). Worked as a specialist in occupation, head of department, as well as an assistant, typesetter... In the moment I work, strangely , as a programmer - I write a charging system for the Requirements of hosting provider https://toprated.hosting/ .  I am about function and work. I have a family scenario. In order not to break away from real life, it is more than sufficient. Practice proves that it is not a computer that a person lives alone - sometimes it's necessary to bring up offspring as well.  I have another hobby - UNIX. My job is also associated with writing programs for Unix/Linux. Unix developers stand out from the mediocrity. In the world of open applications everyone can try their hand in developing system"applications" and complex software solutions. Achievements of these people in the open software world are available to everybody, and for me that they occasionally replace virtually any recommendations. Because it's possible to see their job. There are quite a few novels that, in my opinion, are a kind of"bible" if you decided to link their potential with software development. With one of these, I would like to initiate a series of posts. I would recommend this book not only for those who have selected operating systems that are open. It is based on a somewhat universal philosophy suitable for absolutely everyone who has connected his career with programming.   My job is my favorite. A hobby which grew from job, a hobby that grew out of hobbies. My wife sometimes pulls me away from the computer by the ears, so that the"hobby" doesn't go out entirely. From busy types of diversion I would rather ride a bicycle - love with this basic way of transport I've since childhood. With its look I periodically drive into the stupor of neighboring grandmothers and children. Of the less active types of recreation - selected personal computer toys, friends and beer.