October 8, 2020

Buy Pig Farm Odor Control at Affordable Rate

If you have a pig farm and you want to control the odor of your farm then buy our best product for Pig Farm Odor Control at an Affordable Rate. BLOC is an all-natural proprietary blend of microbes, growth enhancers, nutrients, and oxidative ingredients designed for the absorption of odors including ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide, phenols, and organic acids. When added to manure or compost, it increases the rate of activity of naturally occurring and added microbes to biologically degrade manure or compost while reducing odor. BLOC is effective when sprayed on compost piles, added to manure pits and litter, and fogged into confinement barns. If you want to know more about our product then you can call us on: 402/685-5442 or 866/223-2680

Visit our website: https://vytol.com/