January 7, 2021

Outdoor camping is convenient and easy to use

Outdoor camping is convenient and easy to use, bring an ultra-light outdoor equipment shovel

I didn’t advocate the use of a trowel before, because digging a pit ('cathole' in English) does not necessarily require a shovel. Lightweight advocates one thing with multiple uses. A peg and trekking pole are enough If you can't find a branch, you can dig a decent hole, as long as it is not used by others. However, now I have changed my practice. A potty shovel is attached to my backpack, which represents respect for and advocates the principle of 'Wuhenshan Forest'. If you don’t dig pits, you will defecate, and the toilet paper will naturally not be buried. It not only destroys the trail landscape, emits odor, but also pollutes the environment and spreads bacteria. There is actually a post to justify this behavior, saying that 'distress can also help find people.' Is it really good to say something?

A few tips:

The pit should be aluminum walking pole manufacturer dug at least 60m (200ft) away from the edge of the camp, the water source and the trail. Choose a safe place with high terrain and no risks such as dead trees and falling rocks. At the same time, it is also unlikely that other travel friends will pass by the same place or even be at the same place. Place to camp.

The digging hole should be 15-20cm (6-8in) deep and 10-15cm (4-6in) in diameter at the bottom of the pit.

Try to avoid concentrated excretion in the same area with other fellow travellers. The scattered pits help quickly restore the environment.

Try to solve the problem during the day, and find a partner for defecation at night to avoid getting lost.

An intermittent cough or two can tell others where you are and at the same time scare away any beasts that may appear.

Toilet paper can degrade naturally and can be thrown in the pit. However, some old donkeys would rather burn the used toilet paper in the pit. It doesn't matter, but the paper must be burned out.

Afterwards, you must bury the pit with the surrounding soil and make a clear mark (I have suffered this loss!).

The traditional potty shovel is made of either plastic or stainless steel. It is large and heavy.

Traditional Potty Shovel

The new generation of shovel has great innovation in lightness, durability and digging ability.

The TentLab The Deuce is currently the hottest ultra-light shovel, using 7075 aviation aluminum, there are 3 models, respectively weighing 12.8g/17g/27.5g, a variety of colors.

TheTentLab Deuce

Vargo Dig Dig Tool is made of titanium alloy and weighs 36g. It is as long as The Deuce #3, but it is more robust and easy to use, and can be nailed locally.

Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool


I brought a handful of Korean The Deuce #2, which is lighter and cheaper than #3. Although Dig Dig Tool looks good, but the sawtooth may be a bit threatening to the backpack, and the weight is twice that of #2, so you will consider it when you have to walk in the snow.